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Finding the right balance

Matt Pais 0.0

Embracing the Whole Person approach can lead to success at work and home.


Building a culture of health and well-being

Mark S. Gaunya, GBA 5.0

How can company culture help your brand? Mark S. Gaunya discusses strategies to embrace the Whole Person concept and transform your organization to advocate for the physical, financial, workplace, community and mind and spirit well-being of your employees and family. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

How Helen West achieves a work-life balance

Antoinette Tuscano 0.0

MDRT member talks about how her career and community involvement work together.

Train your brain for success

Roger Seip 0.0

Feeling overwhelmed trying to harness the power of your brain? We often hear about the wide-reaching capabilities of this amazing tool we have between our ears, but it can be difficult figuring out how to optimize it. Join Seip as he explains how to best use your mind’s creative capacity to achieve your personal best — professionally, financially and personally. The best part? You’ll have a blast doing it.


It’s my life!

Annie Leung 0.0

After a number of serious setbacks early in life, Leung began selling insurance and quickly qualified for MDRT. But for Leung, a real transformation occurred when she embraced MDRT’s Whole Person concept of giving to others and watched as she steadily became happier, healthier and financially secure.

Lead your life by example

Robert N. Garneau, CLU, ChFC 0.0

We all want our children to be generous when they grow up, but do we lead by example and share those acts with our children, family and friends? In this session, longtime MDRT member Garneau shares examples of MDRT members touching lives via random acts of kindness that truly made a difference. The Whole Person concept teaches that living a balanced life can help show your children how to become outstanding individuals. By taking action when you get home, you can touch lives in ways you could not have imagined.


Service to sell

Esra Manuru 0.0

Manurung shares how the Whole Person concept has helped her grow professionally and personally.

How 5 members align work and home

Nikhil Jitendra Anandpara 0.0

The ups and down of balancing work and home

Creating balance through MDRT's Whole Person concept

Matt Pais 0.0

Yolie Aleman-Rodriguez finds happiness and success through each element of the Whole Person concept.

If you could hit the reset button

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

From listening more to working less, Top of the Table members share what they wish they'd done differently earlier in their careers.


It's about time

Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC 5.0

MDRT member Greg Gagne provides tips for better time management in the office, which allows for more personal and family time.

Finding balance with work, life and success

Richard Sawyer 0.0

Using lessons learned from more than 37 years in the business, Sawyer provides specific steps you can take to help balance the personal aspects of your life with your business, techniques to differentiate yourself from the competition in your work, as well as specific ways to deal with challenges we all face in both our personal and business life.


加藤 洋 氏 (Mr. Kato) 0.0

今回は、テレビ番組で紹介されても不思議ではないようなスーパー営業マンに話を伺った。8000m級の山での登山の経験もあり、「登山家」としての顔を持つ加藤氏は、学生の頃より海外へ遠征に行くほど精力的に活動をしている。そんな長い間山と向き合ってきた加藤氏が語る「営業」とは?! また、元MDRT日本会会長でもある同氏から会員へのメッセージも収録!

How three members approach the Whole Person concept

Matt Pais 0.0

Advice for striking a balance between work and family

Live your dash

Millard J. Grauer, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Use these member-endorsed tips to maintain balance in your life, stay positive and keep things in perspective.

The other side

Scott Rogers 0.0

At the 1947 MDRT Annual Meeting in Swampscott, Massachusetts, Fred A. McMaster, CLU, spoke to members about the importance of balancing work and family life. More than just maintaining a proper balance, this 27-year MDRT member from Newport Beach, California, made the case that members need to give the same attention to their loved ones that they give to their clients.