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Identity theft

Scott F. Thompson, LUTCF 4.0

Thompson's presentation is geared toward the Whole Person concept and touches on being yourself and believing in yourself. One of his primary ideas is to never allow someone to steal your identity and change the total person you are. His theme is "believe to achieve," which is centered around believing in yourself to reach your goals.


Advice from high achievers

David Braithwaite, Dip PFS; Guy Munro Mankey; Susan Paterson, FChFP; Ted S. Rusinoff 5.0

Grit, tapping into others' knowledge, mindsets and the questions they ask clients brought these four people to Top of the Table repeatedly. These can be within anyone’s reach. Watch the video to find out more.


Rise to the challenge

Scott Burrows 0.0

Burrows understands what it takes to overcome challenges and adapt to unexpected changes in your life. A nationally recognized motivational speaker, he emphasizes turning setbacks into comebacks and pushing the limits of what is possible. His message will transform the way you look at industry challenges, a fluctuating stock market and sales goals.


Effective goal setting for MDRT qualification

Arlyn Tan 0.0

Arlyn Tan, a strategic wealth management advisor and Qualifying & Life MDRT member, shares her perspectives on how financial advisors can best approach qualitative and quantitative goal setting in their careers, including MDRT qualification. “Consider these three things: Understand your Why, know the benefits, and plan how you will achieve your goals.”

A chance in the world

Steve Pemberton 0.0

In his inspiring presentation, Pemberton shares how he defied seemingly impossible odds as an orphaned boy navigating the foster care system — all while trying to solve the mystery of his own identity and destiny. He also provides valuable lessons on self-empowerment, breaking negative cycles, creating a vision and achieving your goals — even when everyone says you don’t have a chance in the world.


Steps to excellence

Vince Poscente 0.0

Poscente may not have won a gold medal, but the Olympic speed skater knows a lot about the persistence it takes to excel. In this session, he discusses how to embrace adversity and do what others won’t. By being selfless and having less fear, you can be compassionate and pursue excellence to the fullest. <br> <br> <a href=""><center><hr><font color="darkred" size="3"><b>Click here to find more from the 2018 Annual Meeting</b></font><hr>



Ross Vanderwolf, CFP 0.0

想像一下,在您認為一切可能隨時結束的當下談論未來,會是甚麼感受。當 Vanderwolf 和太太討論如果他們能從一場在 Amazon(亞馬遜河)遊河之旅發生的武裝搶劫中倖存時,他們會有甚麼計劃,他心裡的感受就是這般。在本場會議中,他回顧了這一場可怕的經歷以及他從中獲得的體悟。



D. Scott Brennan 0.0

您永遠無從事先得知年會將帶給您甚麼收獲,您只知道您會從中受益。在本場會議中,Brennan 回顧年會點滴,而這些回憶激發了他的心意,以及與客戶的關係所帶來的成果。


The emotional roller coaster

Carlyle Fletcher, CLU 0.0

The financial services profession involves a lot of highs and lows, potentially within the same day. This can include canceled meetings and revoked purchases. In this session, Fletcher says you should stay on this emotional roller coaster and never give up. <br> <br> <a href=""><center><hr><font color="darkred" size="3"><b>Click here to find more from the 2018 Annual Meeting</b></font><hr>


Change your habits, change your results

Glen Wong 0.0

Belief is the key to success, Wong says. Find out how to adjust your beliefs and break through self-imposed limitations.


Beyond hope, beyond expectation

Peter Graham 0.0

Graham shares why he lives by the motto of "Get up, dress up, show up and never give up."


One more try

Kou Takaku 5.0

What’s one small secret for making a big difference in your life? Top of the Table qualifier Kou Takaku, of Japan, encourages everyone to gather up their courage and approach someone to learn and earn, from the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Tactics for peak performance

Lisa Bentley 0.0

Talent is a small part of world-class living. An 11-time ironman champion, Bentley will educate and inspire you to find your path to fulfillment. You will redefine winning, take away action items to prepare to win, and learn mental training tools and mindset adjustments to achieve your win. Ultimately, peak performance is the perfect balance between being competitive and compassionate to yourself, to others and to your craft.


어려운 시기 극복하기

Márta Borbala Király 0.0

재무서비스 업계를 떠나려고 했던 키라이가 18개월 만에 성공할 수 있었던 비법은 무엇일까요? 이 강연에서 키라이는 미래에 긍정적인 변화를 만드는 데 도움이 된 다섯 가지 교훈과 이러한 변화를 활용한 방법을 공유합니다.

Removing barriers to reach your next level of success

Steven A. Plewes, CLU, ChFC 5.0

On the surface, you have everything you need, yet you just can’t seem to break through to that next level. Plewes reveals the elements that might be holding you back from reaching your true potential as not just a sales professional, but a human being. We all know the outer blocks that frustrate us — time management, feeling overwhelmed, lack of prospects, etc. Plewes helps you better understand and overcome the inner blocks that are holding you back from reaching the sales success and work-life balance you deserve and want to achieve. Walk away with the tools, vision and motivation to begin your own journey toward successfully reaching your next-level sales and life goals.

A mind opened by wonder

Vinh Giang 0.0

Mindset is everything. Imagine for a moment that you “got up on the right side of the bed” every single day for the next three months. How would that change your life? How would that change your business? In this extension of his Main Platform presentation, Giang takes you behind the scenes to show how magicians are able to influence their spectators, and demonstrate techniques to block out negative influences and maintain a positive mind set. Through several powerful exercises, he shows how to break down the barriers that we have in our minds. As cliché as it may seem, Giang demonstrates right before your very eyes that anything is indeed possible.