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Brand yourself as an expert: Inside high-performing offices

Brad Elman, CLU, CLTC 5.0

Get clients calling you for your expertise. Find out how to position yourself in the media as an expert clients want to work with.

Why you should write a book

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

Everyone has two books in them. It's time to start yours.

Selling insurance when the market is down

Bryce Sanders 0.0

How to be there for clients in difficult economic times.

Who does Google say you are?

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

Building a positive online presence can be key to connecting with prospects.

12 ideas for prospecting and productivity

Michael DePilla 0.0

Simple ways to improve your business and your life.

What do you say to clients during rough times?

MDRT 0.0

Attendees from the 2008 Top of the Table Annual Meeting, which took place during a market downturn, discuss what they tell their clients during tough economic times.

Step on the marketing and business accelerator with LinkedIn

Barbara Rozgonyi 0.0

In the financial services industry, there’s no better place to spend your time online than LinkedIn. Find out how to transform a lonely LinkedIn profile into a super-charged network that positions you and your company as the leaders your target clients are looking for. More than just an online resume, your LinkedIn profile connects you to the virtual marketplace of the business world. With more than 400 million members, LinkedIn offers a high-performance personal branding platform that you activate, design and manage. You can grow your business by integrating LinkedIn into sales, customer service or marketing efforts for immediate and long-term impact throughout your business and community.

Earning trust in tough times

Ideas Section 0.0

Amid the 2008 recession, MDRT members share how earning their clients’ trust has helped them make a sale.

Simple ways to make prospecting and servicing clients easier

Liz DeCarlo 5.0

Why you need to stop ignoring millennials, moving beyond risk-based products, and proven marketing and client service strategies.

The power of words: What you say determines if clients listen or ignore your advice

Antoinette Tuscano 0.0

Easy analogies and examples for explaining insurance and financial planning.


The social advisor

Ana Sofia Rodriguez, MBA 3.5

Strategically sharing what happens in your life on social media can help find clients. Rodriguez shares what to post and how to do it. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Generating quality introductions from centers of influence

Paresh B. Shah, CFP, and Aurora L. Tancock, FLMI, CFP; Moderator: R.J. Kelly, RICP, MSFS 0.0

Building relationships with centers of influence is an important part of growing your practice, but there’s no single way to do it. In this webinar, two MDRT members share their methods of working with centers of influence, including why making those connections is so essential. They explore ways to get introductions, how to build relationships that result in introductions to prospects, and how centers of influence can lead to building a referral-based practice.

Everyone loves scripts

Bryce Sanders 4.0

Rehearsing ahead of time provides quick responses for any situation.

Fishing in rough water

Jerry Soverinsky 0.0

Prospecting secrets for achieving success in a challenging business environment.


시간관리의 노하우, 워라밸의 비결

박천국 0.0

일한 만큼 또는 그 이상의 성과를 내는 사람이 있는가 하면 시간을 쏟아 부으면서도 결과를 내지 못하는 이도 있다. 시간을 효율적으로 활용해서 일과 삶의 두 마리 토끼를 잡는 비법은 무엇일까? MDRT 14회, COT 1회를 달성한 메트라이프생명 박천국 FSR이 자신의 노하우를 공개한다.


기존고객에게 가망고객 소개받는 노하우

박성만 0.0

내가 이 일을 얼마나 오래 할 수 있을까? 많은 보험설계사들이 스스로에게 이 질문을 던진다. 하지만 진정한 롱런의 비법은 일이 스스로 돌아가도록 시스템을 만드는 것이다. MDRT 16회, COT 3회를 달성한 오렌지라이프 박성만 FC가 자신만의 노하우를 공개한다.