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Why mentoring is important

Tony Gordon, Chris Leach, Dip PFS and Simon D. Lister, Dip PFS 5.0

Gordon leads a discussion with his mentees on the value he has brought to each of their careers and shares how to evaluate the success of a mentoring relationship.

Good mentors make profound impact

Antoinette Tuscano 0.0

Janet Ng learns to track production, find a niche market and focus on work/life balance.


All is not lost

Elaine Milne, Dip PFS 0.0

Elaine Milne shares her story of how a mentor and MDRT friend showed her how to get back on her feet and reach Top of the Table after she lost it all.

How financial advisors can walk the two-way street of mentoring

Joyce Jimenez 0.0

11-time MDRT member Joyce Jimenez, RFP REP shares how mentoring benefits both mentees and mentors, maximizing the team’s productivity and profitability.


Lessons from mentoring

Dana Mitchell, CFP, CLU 0.0

Mitchell shares her journey in the financial services profession, including her roles as both a mentor and a mentee.

The art and science of mentoring

Lisa Fain 0.0

How to follow a formula for success in a mentorship.

Why you should hire a coach and how to find the right one

MDRT 0.0

How do you identify the opportunities for improvement in your business, and how do you hold yourself accountable? In this episode, MDRT members talk about how coaches have helped their business, and how they determined who those guides should be. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Clay Gillespie, CFP, CIM<br> Daniel O’Connell, MBA<br><br> Episode breakdown:<br><br> 0:24 – Why do you use a coach?<br> 1:14 – How do you pick a coach?<br> 2:41 – What changes have you seen as a result?<br> 4:01 – The challenge of self-awareness<br> 5:41 – Aligning with the right person<br> 7:08 – What are you worried about?<br> 8:13 – Did the coach’s findings surprise you?<br> 9:17 – The power of accountability<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.


"自分”というブランドで勝負出来るのが保険業 ~お金を守り、感謝を返していくことが我々の仕事~

兼子 樹 会員 (Tatsuru Kaneko) 0.0



Benefits of hiring a business coach

Brad J. Myers 0.0

Myers walks you through the benefits and challenges of working with a business coach. A good coach will help hold you accountable and increase your productivity. It's not the expense of hiring the coach — it's the expense of not having one that could be holding you back. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Simple ways to build great mentoring relationships

Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC, and Alex Liew, BA (Hons), AFP 5.0

When we help others increase production, your own production increases as well, said MDRT Past President Brian Heckert of mentoring relationships. At this 2018 Annual Meeting session, Heckert discusses how to be a mentor as well as the benefits and challenges.


The value of a mentor

Dominique Schuh 5.0

Schuh discusses the benefits of engaging a mentor for both your professional and personal development. She also covers what a good mentoring relationship should look like, as well as ideas on what works and what doesn't work for both parties. <br> <br> <a href=""><center><hr><font color="darkred" size="3"><b>Click here to find more from the 2018 Annual Meeting</b></font><hr>

Why 1 member uses 12 coaches

Matt Pais 0.0

Devang Patel hires coaches to help with his business, client interactions and technical knowledge.


The mentoring advantage

Elizabeth Marie Assad, CLTC; Peter F. Cote, EPC; Clay Gillespie, CFP, CIM; Melanie Jane Johannink, BA, CLU; Gurjeet S. Rai, BA, CFP; Kyle Timothy Renick; Moderator: Lisa Z. Fain 0.0

Lisa Z. Fain, CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence, discusses mentoring best practices with three MDRT mentoring teams. Each team shares their story, as well as advice to those just embarking on the mentoring journey, why MDRT’s mentoring programs were essential to their careers, and mistakes made and lessons learned.