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Little things make the difference

Marc A. Silverman, CFP, ChFC 0.0

The home team has the advantage — that's the reason Marc Silverman hosts client meetings in his office. He describes the special touches in his office and client appreciation events. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


It’s not about the money

Mary Fenwick 0.0

After her husband’s unexpected death, Mary Fenwick found that money was tied up with too much emotion. That was when her agent stepped up to help her and her family. Fenwick will share her story to illustrate why the role of an agent is not just about the transaction of selling a product, it’s about building a relationship over time. Selling a life insurance policy is one thing, but helping sort out the mess when there’s been an unexpected death is what is truly important. Fenwick is an advice columnist for Psychologies magazine, and she draws on her own experiences to help people acquire the skills needed to build enduring and genuine relationships.

Ethics are the foundation for a successful business

MDRT 0.0

Best ethics practices equal success. Learn what how other MDRT members maintain ethical practices.

The client who advanced my career

MDRT 0.0

You often can’t predict when a client will have a major impact on your practice. In this episode, MDRT members recall how certain clients have inspired growth through both success and adversity. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Michael DeVivo<br> John P. Fisher<br> Dharmesh Goel<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.

Why appearances matter

Elizabeth Fuhrman 0.0

Scott Edelman focuses on lifestyle marketing with his clients.


High-quality client care ideas

Katy Baxter 5.0

High-levels of service builds stronger relationships with clients, even with regulatory challenges in England. Top of the Table Katy Baxter talks about how what she offers clients sets her apart from other advisors.

Setting boundaries with clients

Matt Pais 0.0

Members share their experiences with successfully combining friendship and business.


Collaboration. How does that work exactly? One minute inside a high-performing office

Micheline Varas, RHU 5.0

Collaborative work can increase your income and decrease your workload. Find out how to make this win-win arrangement work for everyone, from Top of the Table qualifier Micheline Varas, RHU.

Who are you and why should they care?

Adam McCann, CFP 0.0

By asking three wildly important questions, Adam McCann believes you can define your business and win over the hearts and minds of your potential marketplace, in spite of the competition. In a dynamic and interactive account, McCann shares his journey through the questions (Who are you? Why are you? and Why should they care?) to demonstrate how he arrived where he is today. At the end of this session, you will have strategies to develop answers of your own.


Present yourself as a trusted advisor

Bharat Parekh 5.0

Do you wish prospects and clients would see you as an advisor instead of salesperson? A Top of Table qualifier from India, Bharat Parekh, discusses the simple steps he takes to be viewed as a trusted advisor.

What you learn from listening to recordings of yourself

MDRT 0.0

Self-evaluation can be difficult, especially when you feel good about the job you’re doing. In this episode, MDRT members discuss how recording themselves and listening to the footage has led to effective adjustments in how they communicate with clients. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Daniel Evan Jossen, CFP<br> Keunhwa Lori Moon<br> David John Munson Jr.<br><br> Episode breakdown:<br><br> 0:35 – Training before the game<br> 1:22 – Establishing the rehearsal process<br> 2:21 – “Watching the game tape”<br> 3:15 – When a presentation goes too fast<br> 4:34 – Identifying flaws in your performance<br> 5:25 – Exchanging words for value<br> 6:01 – Feeling surprised when clients don’t understand<br> 7:40 – Being a financial therapist

Is it time to let some clients go?

Tony Vidler 0.0

Realizing less is more when it comes to your client base can lead to better profits and income.

Money monsters to money masters

Jae S. Lee 0.0

Do your kids or grandkids understand principles of responsible money management? Lee shares her system of habits that helps guide clients to teach children to be financially responsible. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.


Make more money with fewer clients

Bill Bachrach 5.0

You can quadruple your income, but not if you have too many clients, for too little money and you’re working too many hours. It’s a success trap. A top coach for financial advisors gives concrete advice how to break out of the mediocre middle.

Make an impression

W.W. (Buzz) Hankinson, CLU, CFP 0.0

Win new business and build deeper client relationships with 10 business habits that stand the test of time.

How to make joint work work for you

MDRT 0.0

Through communication and teamwork, joint work can help advisors be greater than the sum of their parts. In this episode, MDRT members discuss how they have created successful collaborations and learned to avoid personality-driven roadblocks. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Brian D. Cichy, BS, CLTC<br> Fred O’Connor, ChFC, CFP<br><br> Episode breakdown:<br><br> 0:45 - Different paths to success<br> 1:42 - Setting expectations<br> 3:31 - No benefit in bad-mouthing<br> 4:58 - Clicking with the right person<br> 7:16 - Case-by-case basis<br> 8:30 - The danger in overanalyzing<br> 10:30 - Groups vs. partnerships<br> 11:36 - Identifying individual expertise<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.