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Grow your practice through service

David M. Ethell, LUTCF 0.0

We all know we need to see the people and that referrals are the best source of prospects. However, how do we track them and manage our client base? Effective management of this important information is just as important as prospecting. Learn how to manage your client relationships with your smartphone. Most agents spend 90 percent of their time finding new clients. Learn how to manage your existing clients through relationships and service.

Tips & Technology

Elizabeth Diffin 0.0

Life hacks, apps and time-savers for busy advisors.

The new personal touch

Thomas F. Levasseur, CLU, CLTC 0.0

Technology enables processes for strengthening client relationships.


Leveraging technology

Ryan Pinney; Steven A. Plewes, CLU, ChFC; Edward C. Skelly, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Want to increase office efficiency and make Top of the Table without ever seeing clients in person? MDRT members discuss how technology has created several effective processes including virtual meetings, email organization and more. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Can a robot do your job?

Liz DeCarlo 3.5

More than $20 billion in global assets are expected to be under management of robo-advisor services. What does that mean for your practice and what can you do about it?

Protect yourself from cybersecurity threats

Matt Pais 0.0

Would you know what to do if your business was compromised?

Tips & Technology

Elizabeth Diffin 0.0

The latest in technology for busy advisors.


How members globally use technology

Chee Hong “Vincent” Gan; Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC; Hidenori Miki; Hyoun “Pio” Park 0.0

Technology is changing the world. Members from Singapore, Japan and Korea discuss how it’s changing their practice – from how they communicate with clients to how applications are done.

Tips and technology

Jackie McGoey 0.0

<p style="font-size: 1.05rem; letter-spacing: -0.02em; color: #000000; font-weight: 600;">Technology to make your work, home and travel run smoothly.</p>

Tips and technology

Jackie McGoey 0.0

Life hacks, apps and time-savers to make your life easier.


Maximizing client interactions using sales and marketing automation

Ryan J. Pinney 5.0

Decrease your workload while maximizing the value of each client interaction using common CRM features. Task builders and drip marketing speed up the sales cycle and help you stay relevant your clients. Pinney shares three specific case examples to demonstrate how sales automation saves time, maximizes your value to your clients, and adds found revenue to your bottom line as clients and prospects move through pre- and post-sale marketing funnels. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Gadget carrying case, how to sleep soundly

MDRT 0.0

We've got the best ideas for gadgets and apps that can make life easier at work and home.


Keep clients focused on your presentation

Paresh Shah 0.0

Use technology to help clients better understand your presentation.

7 travel must-haves, digital organization tips

MDRT 0.0

Find travel must-haves as well as technology tips for life hacks, apps and time-savers.

What is your smartphone leaking?

Anwar Visram, CISSP 0.0

By default, smartphones and tablets leak your personal information. Visram, who has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, shares the shocking details of how the technology you trust is actually monitoring and exposing your most personal and intimate details to listening cyber-criminals. He explains how to secure your IOS or Android-based smartphones and tablets immediately, also covering critical app privacy settings that prevent your business, family and private information from being a victim of ID theft, financial crime or ending up on the news.

3 ways to protect your smartphone

Anwar Visram 0.0

Follow these steps to implement safeguards on your phone.