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Stop wasting time

MDRT 0.0

Your time is precious — don't waste it. This video guides shows you how to track and evaluate how your time is spent each day.

3 ways to harness the concept of time

Matt Pais 0.0

Simple steps for time management for yourself and your clients.


Productivity secrets

Ashley Ronald Pattinson, AFPC, FChFP 5.0

Pattinson explains how to make the most of your time. Learn how to manage your email, rather than allowing it to manage you. Plan your perfect week, month, quarter and year to achieve your ideal life-work balance. Outsourcing — internally and/or externally — can help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Presented at the 2016 ConneXion Zone at the Annual Meeting.



Audrey Thomas, CSP 0.0

Thomas shares tips from her Focus Session, "The truth about productivity: You can’t catch up, but you can get ahead"


The secrets of his success

Eszylfie Taylor 5.0

Delegating and prospecting up are a few of the tips from Top of the Table qualifier Eszylfie Taylor, from Pasadena, California. Subscribe to the MDRT Podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes.

Procrastinate your way to increased productivity

Stu Schlackman 0.0

Letting ideas simmer can result in creative approaches with clients.

Maximize your free time - and your productivity

John Demboski, CFP 0.0

Time is probably one of the most elusive aspects of our lives. In order to get the most out of your work day without it infringing on your personal life, Demboski shows you how his time management system accomplishes both. By color coding your time in your day planner and assigning points to various tasks, you can stay on track and stay motivated. Save your data and you'll even be able to compare your productivity from year to year.


시간관리의 노하우

강현호 (Hyun-ho, Kang) 0.0

나누고 쪼갤수록 커지는 것이 시간이다. COT 5회 포함 MDRT 11회를 이루어낸 한국 MDRT협회 강현호 협회장이 확실한 시간관리의 비법을 공개한다.


Keep yourself and your team motivated

MDRT 0.0

Do you have systems in place to ensure that you and your colleagues approach work positively and productively? In this episode, MDRT members discuss how they make motivation a priority. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br> Liru Chang, MBA<br> Thomas F. Levasseur, CLU, CLTC<br> Jedediah Harrison Levene, CFP, CLU<br> Adam Llewellyn Morse, CFP<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.


Make $10,000 today

Eszylfie Taylor 0.0

Going for Top of the Table can be daunting. Break down your annual income goals into daily goals and you'll reach your year-end numbers.

How to create a quality day

David Simkowitz 0.0

10 steps to get organized and increase productivity.

The truth about productivity: You can’t catch up, but you can get ahead

Audrey Thomas, CSP 0.0

You’ve got a busy practice. You have clients to service, prospects to reel in and hundreds of emails — and you still want to leave the office at a decent hour! Audrey Thomas has worked with thousands of financial advisors, and she knows that saving time directly impacts earning potential. Technology plays a crucial role in maximizing your productivity — but its interruptions can sabotage your focus. Thomas teaches you best practices in three key areas with practical tips you can apply first thing Monday morning to see immediate ROI.


Set goals to get to Court and Top of the Table

Brad Myers 0.0

Setting goals to help you qualify for Court of the Table and Top of the Table. Myers explains how to break down the goals into achievable segments.

7 strategies to help you reach MDRT’s Top of the Table

George D. Goulet, TEP, CFSB 0.0

What is it that the highest earning advisors do differently than the others? Specifically, how do they think differently and what different choices do they make to attract the ideal clients? George Goulet provides attendees with seven proven strategies learned from his many years as a Top of The Table producer. His strategies can be immediately implemented to produce a significantly higher level of results. If you aspire to a higher level of success and seek to experience your full potential, then this session is for you.

How workflow and morale impact office efficiency

MDRT 0.0

How well does everyone in your office communicate, and how does this affect the performance of the business? In this episode, MDRT members discuss how setting up procedures to establish understanding and maintain positivity elevates their practice. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Aaron Soto Alvarez<br> Dennis Wayne Bell, CFP, CHS<br> Stuart J. Birkel<br> Beth Lachance Hesson, CFP, CLU<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on Apple Podcasts at MDRT Podcast.


10 minutes of business coaching

Robert Arzt 5.0

A lack of focus could be in the way of increased success. Get more tips from business coach Robert Arzt, from his 2015 Annual Meeting ConneXion Zone presentation.