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0:35:08 Know more to grow more

Sukanta Singha Roy, CFC, FSS 5.0

Roy explains how members can get the most out of MDRT content, addressing how the website, podcast, Foundation and more can lead to increased productivity and a stronger work/life balance. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Build a meaningful practice with reflection, specialization and collaboration

Randy L. Scritchfield, CFP, LUTCF 0.0

Scritchfield discusses how he uses reflection, specialization and collaboration in managing himself and his business. He gives specific ideas, concepts and tools — such as a tool to measure how well you are managing your business as a business, not just as a salesperson.


3 critical things when working from home

Jennifer P. Mann, CFP, MBA 5.0

You can successfully work from home when you manage your time, create processes and hire the right people. Learn more from Jennifer Mann, who has been working from home for several years, in this short video.


Building a successful practice

Chris Leach, Dip PFS 0.0

Advisors know there is an enormous difference between a practice based on constant selling compared to one in which income is more predictable and consistent. While both can be very prosperous, the latter lends itself to lower stress and higher stability. In this session, Leach explains how she built her practice, offering tips on how to structure businesses, how to use regulatory change to your advantage and how to develop client relationships where you never need to ask for referrals again. She also will discuss the role of an investment process and how to use humor with clients.


Top strategies from top advisors

Ace Chan, Veronica Ong and Subhas Nathan 0.0

Ace Chan, Veronica Ong and Subhas Nathan share strategies to increase sales and clients.

Taking a two-pronged approach to business

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

Ali Hashemian combines financial planning with an in-house brokerage to work with his own clients, and help other advisors work with theirs.


고객과 동반성장하는 롱런 비즈니스 노하우

신성호 (Shin Sung-Ho) 0.0

COT 11회를 포함해 MDRT 20회 달성에 빛나는 신성호 푸르덴셜생명 LP가 고객과 동반성장하는 롱런 비즈니스 노하우를 공개한다.


5 keys to capture Top of the Table

Paul S. McCready, CFP, RFC 5.0

Implement these ideas, McCready says, and you will multiply your production at the highest level.


Stay positive and stay on track

Jenny Brown, CFP, FChFP 5.0

Brown shares three tips for helping yourself and your team grow through an upbeat attitude.


디지털 시스템으로 영업 전화 끝내기

Remigiusz Stanislawek 0.0

영업 전화를 하나도 하지 않고 고객과 전혀 통화를 하지 않고도 TOT를 달성하는 걸 상상해 보십시오. 폴란드에서 활동하는 TOT 회원 스타니슬로웍이 온라인 자동화 시스템을 통해 메일 리스트와 무료 회원 사이트로 고객에게 지속적으로 가치를 제공한 과정을 설명합니다. 이러한 시스템 덕분에 그는 고객 중 20%와는 전혀 통화한 적이 없기도 합니다.

Quick ideas to increase productivity and sales

Michael DePilla 0.0

12 ideas to show the value of insurance and streamline your sales cycle.


Thrive vs. survive

John J. Demboski, CFP 5.0

For a business to thrive, it should have an organizing set of guiding principles and values. In this session, Demboski explains the responsibilities and priorities that he has put in place to help make his practice succeed. <br> <br> <a href=""><center><hr><font color="darkred" size="3"><b>Click here to find more from the 2018 Annual Meeting</b></font><hr>

Small changes for big impact

Kathryn Furtaw Keuneke, CAE 5.0

With each incremental decision, Gagne built a stronger path to success and leadership.

Strong engagement

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

Kaelberer emphasizes connection with staff and among Top of the Table members

How to communicate to move your business from stress to strength

Antoinette Tuscano, MDRT Content Specialist 0.0

If clients and team members are stressed, they’re not at their best, and your business may not be either. Find out what communication techniques can keep those connections running at their best.


MDRT 0.0

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