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Qualify for MDRT 50% faster with referrals

Naomi Chua Yi-Shyan, ChFC 4.0

Naomi Chua, of Singapore, shares her method of getting referrals, which allows her to qualify for MDRT quicker and with less effort.


Acquire clients for free

Bill Bachrach 4.3

The key to acquiring high-net-worth clients by referrals and building high-trust relationships, from Bill Bachrach, who is a top coach for financial advisors.

The marketing campaign about nothing

Joseph A. Trovato 0.0

Remember when business was fun? You’re allowed. It’s OK. In fact, people tend to do business with people they like, according to Trovato. You can be the best financial planner in the world, but if no one knows you, loves you and trusts you, you will be a lonely financial planner with lots of time on your hands. Using a play on the TV show “Seinfeld,” where “nothing” really means everything, Trovato helps you learn how and why to do successful client events, explains why traditional mission statements don't work and what to do instead, and shares how he achieved Top of the Table status in just two years.


テクニックではなく人間力 ~1,000週続く挑戦も、ただ一つの約束から~

齊賀 資和 (Motokazu Saiga) 0.0

齊賀氏は「テクニックを身に着ければ、短期的には成績を伸ばすことができるかもしれないが、10年20年とこの仕事を続けるためには人間力が必要だ」といいます。 齊賀さんならではの面談時の心得や成約件数を伸ばすための取り組みのほか、これからのビジョンについても語ってもらった。

Asking for referrals

Matt Pais 5.0

When not asking impacts a referral, a friendship and a future


기존 고객에게 신규 고객 소개 받는 노하우

박희근 (Hee-Geun, Park) 0.0

기존 고객 스스로 소개에 적극 나서도록 하는 소개 영업 노하우를 메트라이프생명 박희근 대표 FSR을 통해서 알아본다.


お客様との距離感を大切に 長期的な安心感を届けたい

岡田直人様 (Mr. Okada) 0.0



Build a referral-based practice

Aurora L. Tancock, CFP, FLMI 4.0

Over 90 percent of Tancock's new clients are referrals from existing clients. They are not coming in because she has better products to sell or can promise better market returns; they are looking for someone to help them organize their finances and help them achieve their goals. Tancock shares the process that she follows to make sure she remains referable in every stage of the sales/service process.

Turning clients into advocates

Chris Leach, Dip PFS 0.0

How do you turn clients into advocates so that whenever they are talking to people about finance, your name is mentioned and your expertise recommended? At the 2017 Annual Meeting, Chris Leach from Cardiff, Wales, shares her ideas.


Mastering referrals

Brent R. Kimball, CFP, ChFC 0.0

Kimball draws on his 35 years of industry experience and regular Top of the Table qualification to explain his proven system of using only referred leads. He discusses when to ask, how to ask, overcoming objections, making it fun and how to thank clients properly for referrals.

Business building ideas successfully implemented

Bryson Milley, CFP, CIM 0.0

Milley identifies approaches for referrals and office efficiency gained at MDRT meetings. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Referrals: Ideas from million-dollar producers

Vicki Writer, DFP 0.0

Generate more sales, build stronger client relationships and capitalize on your centers of influence. Writer presents an array of sales ideas and business development strategies to take away and implement immediately. Even if you think you've heard enough strategies for acquiring referrals and asking the right questions to leverage your sources, why not add a few more to your arsenal? Transform your business and solidify your brand in your community.


Consistent marketing identifies opportunities

Lucas J. Noble, CFP, ChFC 0.0

By developing a system that both puts you in front of your clients regularly and yields their feedback on your practice, you keep those clients engaged and wanting to refer you. Noble shares his marketing plan, which details how he keeps himself in front of his clients on an ongoing basis while keeping operations intact. Noble’s client appreciation events, which have produced countless referrals, provide the opportunity to ask for referrals without making it awkward.

13 sales ideas to jump-start production

MDRT 5.0

Effective and quick sales idea favorites from MDRT members around the world.


기존고객에게 가망고객 소개받는 노하우

박성만 0.0

내가 이 일을 얼마나 오래 할 수 있을까? 많은 보험설계사들이 스스로에게 이 질문을 던진다. 하지만 진정한 롱런의 비법은 일이 스스로 돌아가도록 시스템을 만드는 것이다. MDRT 16회, COT 3회를 달성한 오렌지라이프 박성만 FC가 자신만의 노하우를 공개한다.


これからのコロナの時代の保険営業 ~いまこそ私たちが動くとき~

千葉 博道 会員 (Hiromichi Chiba) 0.0