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5 keys to successful workplace negotiations

Robert Cialdini 0.0

Whether selling products to clients, vying for more company resources or simply managing your day-to-day workload, being able to successfully negotiate with others is essential for success.

The power of storytelling

Ty Bennett 0.0

Bennett teaches the art of storytelling as a key communication and sales strategy. He provides attendees with the mindset, skill set and tool set to sell effectively through storytelling.

What do you do for a living? Does the answer matter?

Thomas F. Love 4.0

Most people choose to answer this question with a simple statement of fact, according to Love. Effective messages are more complex. People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it — and WHAT you do simply proves what you believe. By understanding that having something to say is more important than someone to say it to, you will begin to benefit from the power of effective messages.

Telephone tango: Get appointments in a no-answer culture

Gail B. Goodman 0.0

Technology has changed how we prospect and set appointments with both old and new clients. Goodman teaches up-to-date behaviors that increase your chances of actually speaking to a new prospect and having an opportunity to schedule that vital initial appointment. Keeping in touch with clients has also become more challenging, and the ideas presented show you how to use technology to your advantage.

Creating a backstory that rings true

Tony Vidler 0.0

Telling your story helps clients understand and trust you.

The illusion of power: How to identify and break through dramatic triangles

Paddy Ducklow; Carole Ducklow 0.0

The three roles of the Drama Triangle are the three positions that unhappy families use under stress. The three roles — Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim — operate to keep people in the illusion of power. The roles incorporate learned patterns of habits and control mechanisms that bond people together in harmful ways. They are symbiotic, destructive behaviors that affect all members of the family and organization. Paddy and Carole will offer the theory and practice of triangles and how to eliminate these learned behaviors in the context of marriage, family and business.


Build trust, sell more

Don Connelly 5.0

Clients won't buy won't they don't understand, and they won't work with advisors they don't trust. Don Connelly explains by being clear, concise and memorable prospects and clients will understand your message.

6 scripts to make prospecting easier

Bryce Sanders 4.0

Prepare to address a variety of scenarios by practicing your conversation ahead of time.


How to read someone like a book

John Cremer 5.0

Imagine if you could understand clients within seconds of meeting them and instantly build rapport. Imagine gaining new insight into members of your team and knowing the words and images that motivate them. In this workshop, you will learn how to identify the six different types of people. This information is a powerful tool to apply both in your business and your own personal development. This is a highly interactive and humorous presentation.


Maximize profits with a male/female selling team

Laurie A. Leja, CLTC 5.0

After her husband became employed in her practice, Leja developed a method of selling to clients using a team that appeals to both genders.

Meetings and emails matter

Dan Richards 0.0

Dan Richards explains how to make sure your emails get opened and your meetings are successful.


Stand out to clients

MDRT 0.0

Every advisor seeks to connect with clients, whether with designations, direct relationships or finding a target market. In this episode, MDRT members discuss how to set themselves apart. <br> <br> You’ll hear from: <br> Victoria Joy Avedesian <br> Elizabeth Grigourian <br> Daxesh Maniar, MBA, CFP <br> <br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.


How to fascinate

Sally Hogshead 0.0

Using the example of online dating, Hogshead shares how advisors must fascinate prospective clients in order to get their attention. She encourages members to give their clients, noting that it takes a full commitment to win the trust of clients.

Communicating in a sound-bite world

Dan Richards, MBA 0.0

Today we live in a sound bite world, but most advisors communicate the same way they did 20 years ago, according to Richards, former CEO, popular MDRT speaker and award-winning faculty member in the University of Toronto’s MBA program. He will cover research from Columbia, Harvard, London School of Economics and Stanford on what leads to persuasive communication today. And you'll also hear findings from a study of 30 million emails to learn what it takes to get your emails opened.

Client communication ideas that seal the deal

Antoinette Tuscano 0.0

Tell your own story and close more cases. Plus, why the way you're asking questions could be wrong.


Close more cases

Terri Sjodin, CPAE, CSP 0.0

Do you think telling people about all the product choices you offer and how much you care will make everyone want to do business with you? It doesn’t. Public speaking business consultant Terri Sjodin shares how to enter the persuasive zone and cause people to act.