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It’s how you say it

Dale W. Martin, CLU, ChFC 5.0

It’s hard enough to get in front of the high-net-worth client, so once you do, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Once you do get the opportunity, how do you explain the concepts in a manner they understand? How do you answer common objections that clients, CPAs and attorneys often have? Martin uses actual cases and proven techniques to show you how to overcome these objections and discuss each part of the process and give specific details on what to say and how to say it.


Objection handling: Road map to Top of the Table sales

Sanjay Tolani 5.0

How is the best way to handle objections and convert them to opportunities? Tolani shares his strategies to take these challenges and close bigger sales faster and more efficiently. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Learn to love objections

Anthony J. Longley, LUTCF 5.0

Longley discusses strategies and tactics for identifying different types of objections and how to anticipate them.


How to win clients and keep them

Alessandro M. Forte, FPFS 0.0

Success is not based upon the “yes” or “no” but upon communicating with as many people as possible, and then positioning yourself for success. In this presentation, find out how you can close more cases and earn more referrals.

Seeing things from the prospect’s point of view leads to business

Bryce Sanders 0.0

Here is how when a client raises an objection, you can view the situation from their perspective.


Strategies to handle objections

MDRT 0.0

There are many reasons why clients may feel reluctant toward purchasing financial services products. In this episode, MDRT members address how they talk through these concerns. <br> <br> You’ll hear from: <br> <br> Qi Bin <br> Robert N. Garneau, CLU, ChFC <br> William Marvin Richardson III, CLU, CFP <br> Theodore S. Rusinoff, CFP <br> <br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast.


The objection opportunity

Anthony Matthews Jones, BSc(Hons) 5.0

While objections can be an obstacle in your closing process, they really indicate your prospect has an unanswered question. Jones shows how to handle objections by treating them as the opportunity to share the information your prospect is missing. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.



Sanjay Tolani, FLMI, MBA 5.0

Objections are a part of the life insurance profession. Tolani explains how he addresses his most common objections. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Motivate a client to take action

Howard Sharfman 0.0

Sometimes it's as simple as telling a good story.

10 responses to whole life insurance objections

Bryce Sanders 0.0

While the advantages of whole life over term insurance are obvious to you, that’s not always the case with prospects and clients. When discussing insurance with clients, try these ideas to help clarify the differences.


Objections? If you get them, you did something wrong: One minute inside a high-performing office

Clay Gillespie, CFM, CIM 3.4

Objections from clients can disappear with consistent processes and clear communications, says a Top of the Table qualifier.


Spot golden opportunities from objections

Arlyn Tiong Tan, MBA, FChFP 0.0

Before presenting the values of financial planning, it is imperative to understand the client's personal values and priorities. Some individuals place great value on business succession, some on parent-child relationships, and others on charity involvement. Tan discusses how, to build rapport and break barriers, advisors are better off sharing the value of their services based on what is important to the client rather than enumerating all their capabilities. Through this technique, the client is able to share more stories and insights, which makes fact-finding easier.



Sanjay Tolani, FLMI, MBA 0.0

Objections are a part of the life insurance profession. Tolani explains how he addresses his most common objections.

How you can avoid working with clients who don’t actually want to hear your advice

From the MDRT Blog 0.0

Working with clients who don't want to hear your advice, plus how women are poised to be a major force in wealth management.

3 ideas to handle objections

MDRT 0.0

Strategies to overcome objections and market yourself.

21st century advisor

Sanjay Tolani, FLMI, MBA 0.0

Advisors today need to present complex solutions to appease the multifaceted financial goals of knowledgeable and demanding clients. Tolani explains how combining existing knowledge with new information can lead to high income. He addresses building a universal presentation, handling objections and concerns, and how to answer the question, “Why should I choose you as my advisor?”