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Build your business using social media

Daniel O'Connell, MBA 0.0

O'Connell shows you how to add meaningful content to your social media, which will help you better connect with clients and prospects. Additionally, you will learn how to automate much of your social media presence and walk away understanding how to use social media as an active billboard for promoting yourself.


Changes I've made to my marketing due to COVID-19

Elke Rubach, LLM, CLU 0.0

The pandemic forced Elke Rubach to be more intentional with online outreach, using social media to focus on the message she wanted to send.


Expanding your target market with TikTok: Build your brand and engage the TikTok community

Yani Moya 0.0

Yani Moya, a TikTok financial educator and MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines, talks about TikTok and how financial advisors can use the platform to expand their target market.

Social media shortcut

Matt Pais 0.0

Why LaLonde outsources the task of creating personalized posts for Facebook, Instagram and more.

Dive in

Tara Clark 0.0

How to effectively leverage social media.


Can social media benefit your business?

MDRT 0.0

Facebook, LinkedIn, other or none of the above? In this episode, MDRT members discuss how they use social media to help their practice, and recognizing that clients and advisors always have their phones on them. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br> Robert Anthony Gillespie, CLU, ChFC <br> Ali Hashemian, CFP, MBA<br> LaTasha Wilson<br><br> If you'd like to subscribe, find us on iTunes at MDRT Podcast. <br><br> The Million Dollar Round Table® (MDRT) does not guarantee the accuracy of tax and legal information and is not liable for errors or omissions. You are urged to check with tax and legal professionals in your state, province or country. The MDRT also suggests you consult local insurance and security regulations and compliance departments, pertaining to the use of any new sales material with clients. Copyright 2016 Million Dollar Round Table.<br><br>


MDRT Speaks: A deeper dive

Ana Sofia Rodriguez, MBA 0.0

Rodriguez expands on her MDRT Speaks presentation, "The social advisor." Strategically sharing what happens in your life on social media can help find clients. Rodriguez shares what to post and how to do it. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


5 ways to invigorate your LinkedIn profile in 15 minutes or less

Barbara Rozgonyi 0.0

Looking for a few ways to upgrade your LinkedIn profile — right away? An attractive profile picture is a given. But, what else can you do to polish your image? Find out in a mini-makeover session that covers five ways to take you — and your personal brand — to the next level. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


How to use LinkedIn for financial professionals

Simon John Gibson, Dip PFS 5.0

Tips on how to use LinkedIn for business from Top of the Table qualifier Simon Gibson, Dip PFS, of England.


Getting qualified prospects to contact you and buy online

Amitab Mitbawkar, MBA, CWM 0.0

The biggest challenge we face as advisors when creating an online brand is getting people to contact us through our website or social media channels. This presentation touches on the 10 important components of a successful online brand for financial advisors. These 10 components have helped Mitbawkar obtain more than 90% of his business leads online with zero outbound prospecting calls.


この町一番の頼られる代理店に ~コロナ禍は足元を見つめ直すチャンス~

中泉 輝彦 様 (Teruhiko Nakaizumi) 0.0


Encouraging clients to post about you on social media

Matthew Richard Duffy, FSS, LUTCF 0.0

Asking clients to post about their positive experiences with you to their social media platforms can be an amazing conduit for gaining referrals.

How to target your ideal client on LinkedIn

Elizabeth Fuhrman 3.0

Using LinkedIn can increase referrals and revenue. Hogan explains how he uses social media to zero in on Ohio State employees.

Should you share personal items on Facebook?

Matt Pais 0.0

MDRT members debate what photos and comments clients should see.


Social media

Jenny Brown, CFP, FChFP 5.0

Even if you don’t like or use social media, you need to. People are talking about you there even if you’re not involved. If you don't create your own online identity, someone else might, and it may not confirm to your beliefs, ideas or brand. Gain a better understanding of why you need to include social and digital media in your marketing and how to get started. Get a better handle on your online reputation. This presentation helps you: get started, choose your platforms, brand, create content, stay active and track your efforts. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting