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Find clients through branding

Brad Myers 3.0

How to brand yourself through retirement parties and food baskets.


Brand yourself as an expert: Inside high-performing offices

Brad Elman, CLU, CLTC 5.0

Get clients calling you for your expertise. Find out how to position yourself in the media as an expert clients want to work with.

What do you do for a living? Does the answer matter?

Thomas F. Love 0.0

Most people choose to answer this question with a simple statement of fact, according to Love. Effective messages are more complex. People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it — and WHAT you do simply proves what you believe. By understanding that having something to say is more important than someone to say it to, you will begin to benefit from the power of effective messages.

Think the unthinkable to spark transformation in your business

Nikhil J. Anandpara, CFP, CII 0.0

In this session, Anandpara teaches you how to build a personal brand to set yourself apart from the competition. He illustrates ways to zero in on a businesses’ unique products and services to define what differentiates one business from the rest. He also helps you better understand client needs and perceptions, teaches you how to use customer feedback to strengthen marketing efforts, and discusses how to develop creative sales presentations. This session offers content specific to India.

Why you should write a book

Liz DeCarlo 0.0

Everyone has two books in them. It's time to start yours.


Standing out from the crowd

Chris Leach, Dip PFS 0.0

Leach gives tips for how you should stand out from other financial advisors


Authors are experts

William M. Upson, ChFC, CLU 0.0

Upson explains how being an author is an asset in the sales process.


The advisor of the future

Duncan MacPherson 0.0

Duncan MacPherson is the co-author of “Breakthrough Business Development,” and is a master at client acquisition. He provides ways to use referrals, prospecting and networking to establish new relationships and build a larger client base. His topics include: Personal branding strategies, a proven client acquisition process, converting partial customers into regular clients, and testing strategies and tracking measurable results.


Create distinction through the ultimate customer experience

Scott McKain 5.0

Business expert McKain reveals the cornerstones of creating a distinctive experience for clients and provides actions members can take to further separate themselves from the competition.

Cracking the code: The lost art of articulating your value

Duncan MacPherson 0.0

Too many advisors are seen as salespeople looking for the next sale. A lot of advisors have existing clients that do not know how to describe them to friends and family. Are you perceived as a consultant focused on process, or as a salesperson focused on commissions? MacPherson addresses three issues that are important to financial professionals — outstanding personal branding, client acquisition, and organization and structure — so you can run your business like a business and restore order to your life.

Is your future bigger than your past?

Jim S. Forbis, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Using what he calls the “building blocks for financial security and peace of mind,” Forbis helps you assess your practice, identifying strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and develop a plan to grow a bigger future by concentrating on strengths and “transferring weaknesses” to others skilled in those areas. Learn to create and maximize a loyalty network to maintain a flow of clients from influential service relationships. Differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd, and become top of mind to all you serve!

Build a brand that sets you apart

Doug Towill, MBA 0.0

Does your brand allow you to enjoy the success you deserve? In a market that bombards consumers with overwhelming amounts of information, financial advisors need to have a clear and powerful brand to stand out. Join Doug Towill as he introduces and explores a proven brand framework to help you: <ul> <li>Develop your core messages to position yourself competitively </li> <li>Identify the foundational business beliefs that drive your actions and processes</li> <li>Effectively articulate your brand to clients and prospects.</li> </ul> You will be recognized as a leader in the industry and the “go-to” individual by consciously building and communicating your brand.


The shift

David Avrin 5.0

David Avrin, a marketing expert known as the Visibility Coach, advises that branding is key to shifting from selling products and services to helping clients buy them. He offers tips to effectively differentiate your business from others.


Learning hard lessons

Kat Cole 5.0

Kat Cole, group president of Focus Brands Inc and president of Cinnabon, shares her story about how she turned around a business during an economic downtown.


Why clients leave you for competitors and how to win them back

David Avrin 5.0

One of the most in-demand business branding speakers and authors in the world today, Avrin has shared his entertaining and hard-hitting presentations around the world. In this session, he shows you how to recognize your competitive advantages and craft branding messages.

12 sales ideas to impress

MDRT 4.3

Stand out from your competition with these ideas.