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Growing a niche market: Female clients in life transitions

Renee Hanson, CFP, CDFA 5.0

Like many people, your clients may be going through transitions and seeking advice. Learn how Top of the Table qualifier Renee Hanson, CFP, CDFA, works with clients going through transitions -- such as divorce, loss of spouse or job transition -- and how she works with centers of influence to find clients in her niche.


Market your practice: Think strategically about your niche

Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Will there be a point in your career when it becomes more enjoyable? Yes, when you find your niche. Find out more from the 2016 MDRT President Brian Heckert how this could work for you.


Understanding the High Net Worth market

Diana Zhu 4.5

How do you approach potential clients in High Net Worth circles? MDRT member Diana Zhu shares her expertise in serving the High Net Worth market in Singapore.

Create a niche market by focusing on young professionals

Matt Pais 0.0

Dimitry Neyshtadt takes inspiration from his parents in helping other families.


岡本年永氏 (Mr. Toshinaga Okamoto) 0.0

第19回はMDRT日本会会長である岡本年永氏に話を聞いた。 旅行会社勤務を経て保険業界に入り17年目。前職での発想が現在に至るまでの営業手法に生かされている同氏に、会長になるまでに至った保険業界での成長の過程を伺った。

Carve your niche

Adrian George, CFP, TEP 5.0

Narrowing down to a specific group can increase your business.

Reimagining clientele

Matt Pais 0.0

With her target market inaccessible during the pandemic, Stewart developed a whole new niche.

Selling to the Chinese consumer

Bryce M. Sanders, BS, MS 0.0

China’s middle is class is 430 million and growing, and 50 million Chinese expatriates live in other countries. How do you apply Western sales strategies when selling to Chinese clients? How are both cultures similar and different? Sanders discusses strategies you can implement immediately to establish a presence in China or in the Chinese community in your own country.

Build a target market

David C. Blake 5.0

Look for a problem you can solve to create your own niche.

Successful transitions

Matt Pais 0.0

2020 MDRT President Regina Bedoya excels at navigating joys and challenges.

Building trust with your clients

Steve Lau 0.0

Gaining trust from clients is key to a mutually beneficial relationship, especially in the financial services industry and financial advisors need to be there for their clients in good and bad times.


Top of the Table insurance strategies for business owners

Jeffrey M. Wadsworth, MBA, CFP 4.5

Wadsworth presents sales ideas to help you conquer the business owner marketplace. He found the fastest way to the Top of the Table was to dramatically increase his average case size. It worked for him, and this presentation shows you how to make it work for you. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Tax savings become big sales

Matt Pais 0.0

Woo sees Top of the Table-level success through advanced planning for busines owners.

Disability insurance helps injured athlete

Ronnie Kaymore 0.0

Ronnie Kaymore helps a young athlete who is sidelined by an injury.

Clarify your vision, optimize your niche

Lois R. Weinblatt 0.0

We all have endless decisions to make as we grow our organizations, our teams and ourselves, but how do we sift out the distractions from the real opportunities? Gaining clarity on where we're headed gives us that filter so we can invest our time with ideal clients instead of spending our time casting a wide net. Through this session, you'll learn the top five issues that hold people back from optimizing a niche and the variables involved in your target market’s decision-making process. You’ll also document your vision of what success looks like for you long-term, the niche you’ll focus on to make it happen, and the benchmark you'll be aiming for 90 days from now.

The doctor is in, the student loan is forgiven

Matt Pais 5.0

Matthew Blocki targets doctors at the beginning of their career, a strategy that pays off for him long-term.