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Dealing with clients’ other sources of financial input

MDRT 0.0

How do you get clients to see you as an expert when they might have family members or friends close to them offering advice as well? In this episode, MDRT members share how they separate their knowledge from the input of armchair advisors. <br><br> You’ll hear from:<br><br> Travis D. Manning, CLU, CFP<br> Angelia Z. Shay, ChFC, CLU<br><br> Episode breakdown:<br><br> 0:29 – When a family member with limited information considers themselves an expert<br> 2:51 – Differentiating academic knowledge from practical knowledge <br> 4:08 – Helping the client understand and own their decisions, not just let you decide for them<br> 5:12 – Explaining coverage even when clients don’t want to know<br> 6:48 – Being intuitive when you need to invite someone else into the discussion


Legacy building

Frederick T. Scruggs, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Put yourself in the quarterback role for your clients' business planning process. Scruggs explains the advisor's long-term role in leading, managing, and organizing business success(ion) planning for private and family businesses. The advisor is best suited to manage this process — not the lawyer or banker, and certainly not the business owner. Your experience, current relationships, and access to resources make you the ideal choice for this role that could last for decades. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Critical illness — line of credit

Godfrey Phillips, FChFP, JP 0.0

Learn strategies for selling critical illness insurance. Phillips offers his favorite techniques to demonstrate the need for this product. Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


Choosing vs. buying

Sofia Zervoudaki 0.0

Buying any kind of not-obligatory insurance is all about making a choice: to take action or to stand still, to talk about difficult issues or to take care of the easy ones, to use the funds for the "what ifs" or for the "now and heres." Zervoudaki discusses how to accomplish the task of making a client's choices — and their effects — entirely clear because, no matter what, there is always the opportunity cost, and that is specific and measurable. Learn how to prevent the client from choosing nothing over something because they can't see the best alternative.


Advising clients: Earn referrals when you earn trust

Jerry Yeo 5.0

When you offer clients options for how to reach their goals, they become receptive to your advice and you gain their trust. In turn, clients will refer you to others.


Top of the Table via disability insurance

David C. Blake 0.0

Did you know that individual long-term disability insurance contracts can be offered as a supplemental employee benefit for highly compensated professionals with permanently discounted rates and on a "guaranteed issue" basis? Through this type of voluntary offering an employer can create the opportunity for its highly compensated employees to protect uninsured income sources, replace qualified retirement plan contributions and do so without having to satisfy any medical underwriting requirements. This type of sales approach has enabled Blake to place hundreds of individual disability policies every year and create localized client/prospect nests for cross-selling opportunities. Learn how offering this coverage can enhance an employer's LTD benefit, how to enlist the aid of existing executive/professional clients to start this dialogue with their employers, and how web-based enrollment platforms created by a number of U.S. based insurance carriers can allow you to effectively approach large populations of highly compensated prospects.


Insurance in action

Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC 5.0

Feldman offers ways to use real-life stories with your prospects.


10-minute lesson on selling whole life insurance

Stephen N. Mathieu, ChFC, CLU 0.0

Mathieu shows insurance producers how to present and sell whole life insurance in a simple, understandable way. Gain new clients with the best financial tool ever invented — a product whose time is now!


Financial oxygen

Alphonso B. Franco, RHU, RCIS, and Godfrey Phillips, FChFP, J.P. 0.0

Both critical illness insurance and life insurance are financial oxygen that protect us. The only question generally is how much financial oxygen we need to protect ourselves, our families and our business.


짧지만 효과적인 원페이지 상담 노하우

이영일 (Lee Young-Il) 5.0

종이 한 장에 고객이 자신의 생각을 적고, 고객이 스스로 적은 종이 한 장을 보면서 보험의 필요성을 스스로 깨닫게 한다. 이보다 확실한 고객 상담이 있을까? 푸르덴셜생명 이영일 LP가 짧고 효과적인 원페이지 프러포즈의 비법을 공개한다.


How to motivate clients to secure adequate life coverage

David Eric Appel, CLU, ChFC; George B. Sigurdson, CLU; Moderator: Meagan S. Balaneski, CFP, RFP 0.0

MDRT, as part of the Help Protect Our Families initiative, presents a conversation with David Eric Appel, CLU, ChFC, and George B. Sigurdson, CLU, to examine how advisors can help clients and prospects see the value of life insurance. Appel and Sigurdson share their ideas for guiding clients to obtain adequate coverage, including grasping the urgency of making a purchase before it’s too late. Plus, an appearance by a special guest.

Create unique benefits for business owners and their employees

Matthew E. Schiff, CLU, ChFC 0.0

There are many determinations to make when working with small- to mid-size companies and their employees. In this session, Schiff addresses how to figure out prospects’ needs and create benefits for employees regardless of insurability. Taking into account limits of section 409A of the IRS code, this presentation helps identify if clients are more in need of current or future deductions and taxable or non-taxable income. In addition to providing an overview of designing executive benefits, Schiff also discusses tax and accounting benefits for businesses and designs that can provide benefits to the “uninsurable.”

Medical crises don't stop during economic downturns

Delia Hui Wong 0.0

Convincing a young client to keep her policy shows advisor her mission.

Disability insurance specialist workshop

Larry Schneider 0.0

As a disability insurance specialist, you can increase your sales and earn higher commissions. Schneider shares how to avoid underwriting land mines, which will result in fewer declines and policies not taken. He also shares how to overcome the group LTD “reverse discrimination,” which will create more sales opportunities.


종신보험을 통한 상속재원의 마련 및 연금 전환을 통한 노후 준비

박준희 (Joon-Hee, Park) 0.0

종신보험은 선택이 아닌 필수다. 손해보험과 연금상품으로 부족함을 메우지만 재정 컨설팅의 기본은 종신보험이라고 말하는 KMI에셋 박준희 대표의 종신보험 세일즈 노하우를 알아본다.


진화하는 종신보험을 고객에게 전달하는 노하우

김현석 (Hyun-Suk, Kim) 0.0

끝없이 진화하고 있는 종신보험의 가치는 무엇인지 AIA생명 김현석 MP가 그 만의 종신보험 세일즈 노하우를 공개한다.