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Empowering widowed clients

Laura H. Mattia, Ph.D., CFP 0.0

How to help clients who have lost a spouse gain financial know-how and plan for their own future.


Qualify for Top of the Table: Shift from order taker to financial advisor

Edward Franklin Marshall, APFS 5.0

When you become a financial advisor instead of an order taker it can cause a shift that increases both your income and professional happiness. For Top of the Table qualifier Ed Marshall, it starts with selecting clients who are financial delegators. He explains how to identify that type of client, and what to do with clients who won't implement a holistic financial plan.


2 ideas for taking your career to the next level

Ted Rusinoff 0.0

Recurring revenue and specific questions to ask clients are two of the ideas that helped take Top of the Table qualifier Ted Rusinoff it the next level in his career. Watch the video to learn more.

Broadening perspective for better client servicing

Ariana Ubina 0.0

Nine-year MDRT member Timothie Williamson Sy looks back on the turning points in his career that widened his perspective and evolved his client servicing.