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3 questions to ask every prospect and client

Theodore S. Rusinoff, CFP 5.0

<p>Top of the Table qualifier Ted Rusinoff believes you need to ask every prospect and client three questions: 1) What do you own? 2) Why do you own it? 3) When was the last time you took a look at it?</p> <p>These questions keep the planning process active and engaged.</p>


Your Life Pie

Gary F. Heuer, FIC 5.0

The discovery process for finding out what your prospect or client needs is a crucial step. Heuer illustrates his Life Pie concept, which helps build a connection and identify prospects' hot-button issues.


3 questions you should ask middle America

Seth Groff 5.0

Groff of Assurity Life shares questions all advisors should ask their clients to make them as comfortable as possible.


Closing the gap – Your way to MDRT

Mohamad Manmohan Abdullah, ChFC, CLU 5.0

Abdullah's belief is that most life insurance policies will not adequately provide for beneficiaries, and he explains how the discovery process which starts at the prospecting stage can lead to ensuring adequate coverage to beneficiaries. Educating our clients about the right ways of securing their future is the focus of this session. (Session in English)


The secret of first-meeting success

Alessandro M. Forte, Dip PFS 5.0

Increase your chances of turning a first meeting into a second meeting presentation by more than 70 percent with these four steps to greater sales success.


Top advisors and their significant cases

Tony Gordon; Alessandro M. Forte, Dip PFS 5.0

Every financial advisor has a case they always remember. Longtime Top of the Table members Gordon and Forte talk about what those clients mean to them. <br><br> To view the full presentation, click here: <a href="https://rz.mdrt.org/video/a-conversation-the-journey-to-success/">"A conversation: The journey to success"</a>


Build trust, sell more

Don Connelly 5.0

Clients won't buy won't they don't understand, and they won't work with advisors they don't trust. Don Connelly explains by being clear, concise and memorable prospects and clients will understand your message.


It's all in the questions

Sarah J. Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC 0.0

MDRT member Sarah Kaelberer explains how to ask the right questions of prospects.


20 minutes to perfect knowledge

Mark Dorfman, CLU, ChFC 0.0

Multiple Top of the Table qualifier Mark Dorfman teaches his unique method of fact-finding that, early in the client engagement meeting, sets the foundation for providing expert advice for years to come.

Ask the right questions

MDRT 5.0

Your guide to getting the discussion started with clients and prospects.


Our future’s so bright we gotta wear shades

James D. Pittman, CLU, CFP 4.0

2018 MDRT President James Pittman shares strategies that have brough him success during four decades as an MDRT member. His ideas include setting client meeting agendas, identifying successful advisors and collecting their ideas, setting and tracking prodcution goals, and finding experts to do joint work with.


Powerful questions

Gregory Fok, CFP 5.0

Build trust with clients in three steps, from Gregory Fok of Singapore. Presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting.