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Kyriakos Chatzistefanou, DMS 4.0

There's a magical word that is the secret and at the same time the power of the Greek people. It cannot be translated nor does it appear in international dictionaries, but Kyriakos Chatzistefanou, of Greece, sheds some light on it in this session and how this word is similar in concept to MDRT’s Whole Person. <br><br> <a href=""><strong>Click here for more from the 2019 Annual Meeting</a></strong>.


All is not lost

Elaine Milne, Dip PFS 0.0

Elaine Milne shares her story of how a mentor and MDRT friend showed her how to get back on her feet and reach Top of the Table after she lost it all.


Incoming President’s address

Regina Bedoya, CLU, ChFC 5.0

2020 MDRT President Regina Bedoya reflects on her journey – from the experiences that caused her to bend but not break to what MDRT means to her.


Mentored to specialize

Adam McCann, CFP, DFP 5.0

Adam McCann, of Australia, talks about the effect of his mentor, how he found his specialization and the journey advisors are on to find their unique ability and ideal client type.<br><br> For more, read the presentation <a href=""><strong><font color="darkblue">“Balcony people”</strong></a></font> by Patrick E. Moore, CLU, ChFC, mentioned in McCann’s presentation.<br><br> <a href=""><strong>Click here for more from the 2019 Annual Meeting</a></strong>.


Presidential address

Ross Vanderwolf, CFP 5.0

2019 MDRT President Ross Vanderwolf talks about his MDRT accomplishments and milestones in his Presidential year. Hear more in his 2019 Annual Meeting address.


One more try

Kou Takaku 5.0

What’s one small secret for making a big difference in your life? Top of the Table qualifier Kou Takaku, of Japan, encourages everyone to gather up their courage and approach someone to learn and earn, from the 2019 Annual Meeting.


If only I had known

Michaela Scott, CFP, MSFS, Michaela Scott, RICP, CFP 5.0

How you can prevent your clients from falling victim to the fastest growing white-collar crimes in America, from Michaela Scott at the 2019 Annual Meeting.


Simple concepts

Caroline A. Banks, FPFS 5.0

Deliver a better future for your clients and help them understand the need to protect their families. At the 2019 Annual Meeting, listen to 2015 MDRT President Caroline Banks share a few of her favorite ideas from past Annual Meetings.


Breaking the mould

Gino Saggiomo, CFP 5.0

When a high-net-worth client seemed more interested in leaving his office than financial planning, Gino Saggiomo, of Australia, found a way to hold the client accountable and financially prepared for the future.


Study groups made simple

Jedediah Harrison Levene, CLU, CFP 0.0

Levene advocates for taking time to chat with fellow MDRT members during breaks, share ideas and forming a study group.


From advice to planning

Charlie Reading, APFS 5.0

How do you make sure you’re not replaced by artificial intelligence? Stop focusing on financial advice and change your approach to financial planning. This requires you to do two things. Find out what they are in this video.

Building a bridge to high-end clients

Liru Chang, EA, MBA 5.0

What can take you from you chasing clients to high-net-worth clients chasing you? Top of the Table qualifier Liru Chang found that the more she gives to others, the bigger the return.


We sell by asking questions

Rao K. Garuda, CLU, ChFC, Rao Garuda, ChFC, CLU 5.0

Remember, these six very important words. “You ask. They tell. You sell.” At the 2019 Annual Meeting, Top of the Table qualifier Rao Garuda shares a few of the questions he asks clients.


Blue ocean secrets for practice management

Devang Patel, CFP, CLU, David C. Resseguie; Kim A. Siegers-Robinson, BAccs, CPA; Lois R. Weinblatt; and Mark S. Gaunya, GBA (moderator), David C. Resseguie; Kim A. Siegers-Robinson, BAccs, CPA; Lois R. Weinblatt; Mark S. Gaunya, GBA (moderator) 0.0

Do you work in your practice or on your practice? If you were not in this business, is your current firm the place you would want your family to go for financial advice and wealth management? If you were building your firm today, would you hire your current staff? Does it make sense to invest in great coaches rather than paying for preventable mistakes? Patel provides three secrets that you can implement today to create the practice you envisioned and make your competition irrelevant.