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Retirement checklist


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Cover a wide range of retirement-planning related topics with your clients by using a checklist. From the 2016-17 MDRT Retirement Income Solutions Task Force.

Retirement Checklist for Clients and Financial Advisors

Click here to download the retirement checklist.

- Calculate the client’s available retirement income and assess adequacy

- Consider life expectancy, expenditures and risks

- Perform analysis to model plan functionality

- Evaluate the impact of client debt

- Determine the availability of insurance, including health and long-term care

- Examine the impact of various Social Security or government retirement claiming-age options

- Assess the type of retirement plan and the plan’s features

- Analyze the financial status of investments

- Examine earnings prospects if the client remains employed

- Appraise the availability of phased retirement or succession plans

- Factor in early retirement incentives

- Consider the client’s willingness to compromise financial goals

- Assess whether the client is and/or will be healthy enough to continue working

- Examine whether the client’s situation will require caregiving for a loved one

- Consider whether the client is concerned that perceived future health limitations will interfere with personal retirement goals

- Evaluate whether the client will retire to raise grandchildren

- Appraise the likelihood of the client’s job suddenly terminating

- Assess job satisfaction and potential changes in job satisfaction

- Understand and broaden the client’s expectation of an appropriate retirement date

- Evaluate the client’s ability to adapt to retirement

- Assess the identity, fellowship and status the client receives from working

- Determine the client’s willingness to work

- Determine the client’s desire for leisure and after-retirement plans

- Weigh the balance between work satisfaction and retirement satisfaction

- Examine the potential for joint retirement


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