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How to get clients to think and talk about retirement


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For many, retirement is easier said than done, with a lot of uncertainty about what to do and how much it will cost. In this episode, MDRT members discuss how they address the financial challenges of retirement with clients while helping them understand the questions that they should ask themselves.

You’ll hear from:

Harpreet Atwal
Richard Jones, CFP
Brent Kimball, ChFC, CFP
Michaela Scott, CFP, RICP

Episode breakdown:

0:33 – How much money you need vs. how much you think you need
1:24 – Getting people to understand how to think critically about retirement
2:10 – The challenges of comparing one retirement to another
3:44 – A powerful question to ask clients
5:14 – Recognizing where money came from and where it’s going
6:40 – “You’re it for my family”
8:50 – The athletic chief of medicine’s quadruple bypass
11:31 – Helping clients acknowledge the impact of income-debilitating events
13:07- Two spectrums of rewarding experiences with retirement planning

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