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Focus On Advising Clients

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Helping clients retire during uncertain times

How I designed an alternate strategy to allow my client to retire amid an economic slowdown.

Q&A: Kennedy Sumarlie, AWP

Kennedy Sumarlie, AWP, has worked closely with high-net-worth clients in the past year.

Saving for a rainy day

Teach your clients how to create an emergency fund even during difficult times.

An extra level of trust

Why you should add estate planning to your advisory business.

Q&A: Sukanta Singha Roy

The pandemic brings opportunities and challenges in advising clients.

Leading the leaders

As business owners struggle to survive, Lim goes live with advice and solutions.

Open for delivery

A restaurant owner needed to reconfigure his business during the lockdown.

How to get referrals and 8 other great ideas

From creating positive podcasts to scheduling goals in 12-week blocks, MDRT members share strategies for success.

No luck required

How advisors in Ireland are navigating the challenges that come with COVID-19.

Science & software

Leledakis embraces a technology- and data-driven approach to prospect and client meetings.

Sticking to the plan

MDRT members discuss the importance of holding clients accountable to their goals.

Luxury items are out. Financial security is in.

How recent changes in consumer attitudes could be a good thing for advisors.

Focus on Marketing

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How to get qualified prospects through an online brand

Instead of chasing clients, create an online personality that encourages others to reach out to you.

Social media shortcut

Why LaLonde outsources the task of creating personalized posts for Facebook, Instagram and more.

Asking for a friend

Mannette builds a strong client base through referrals while also tackling revenue challenges.

Keep it in the family

Prospecting for young clients now means greater stability for your business later.

Standing out, staying in and more ideas to connect

MDRT members share tips for standing out in the crowd, communicating in a virtual environment and more.


Easily overlooked improvements that have happened during tough times

Have you recently started making your own YouTube videos or sending out cookies to clients? In this episode, MDRT members share potentially underrated adjustments they have made that have made a difference during a challenging period.

You’ll hear from:
Lam Pui Ka
Brad J. Myers
Leena Parwani, MBA, Cert CII

Episode breakdown:
0:34 – Helping a new group of people through YouTube videos
2:33 – Developing connections through a new review program
6:33 – Fostering client touchpoints like virtual lunch-and-learns and cookie shipments
11:21 – Enhancing dialogue with clients who are parents of young children
13:22 – Offering to help older clients order food or use Zoom if they need assistance

Managing 1 basket

Priyadarshi services clients all in the same company.

Become the go-to-advisor with webinars

The magic questions to ask clients about how they're doing, plus questions to ask about insurance.

How to prospect online

Conveying empathy and care is still possible virtually.


Getting referrals through virtual prospecting

Prospecting in traditional ways has been widely used by financial planners around the world. Prospects are getting resistant to these similar approaches, to the point where it is difficult to even get a prospect in for an appointment, especially high-net-worth prospects. Lim Yee Von illustrates a new way of prospecting that will not only get you appointments from your prospect easily, but also attract prospects to open up to your financial advice.


Changes I've made to my marketing due to COVID-19

The pandemic forced Elke Rubach to be more intentional with online outreach, using social media to focus on the message she wanted to send.

Focus on Practice Management

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How to adapt pre-pandemic approaches to show you care

Maybe you were used to fostering connections entirely in-person with gifts or meals. In this episode recorded in November 2020, MDRT members explain how they were able to convert their previous ideas to work during difficult times.

You’ll hear from:
Lam Pui Ka
Brad J. Myers
Leena Parwani, MBA, Cert CII

Episode breakdown:
0:30 – Adjusting seasonal traditions to maintain connections
1:11 – Helping staff members with current needs
3:27 – Utilizing the engagement of Instagram stories
7:08 – Creating a conversation around pop culture

Q&A: Miliana Marten, CFP

Miliana Marten has seen client priorities change in the face of COVID-19.

Silver linings in a pandemic

Baksh finds opportunities to make connections in the age of social distancing.

What does the post-pandemic office look like?

Four advisors give their thoughts on whether they’re returning to a physical office space after the pandemic and why.

Ideas to streamline, automate and communicate

MDRT members share tips for ditching paper, Zoom catch-ups, reinvesting and more.


Becoming a resource to clients and staff when circumstances change

There have been countless unexpected challenges to navigate in the last year, from educating clients about COVID coverage to developing new procedures for remote staff. In this episode, MDRT members share how they have adapted to help clients, team members and themselves succeed in the face of difficulty.

You’ll hear from:
Lam Pui Ka
Brad J. Myers
Leena Parwani, MBA, Cert CII

Episode breakdown:
0:34 – Helping clients know about COVID-related coverage and treatment
3:04 – The importance of ensuring that clients are aware of what you can do
4:32 – Creating webinars focused on timely concerns for clients
10:34 – Where that information comes from if it’s not part of your expertise
13:29 – Developing new onboarding procedures when the team works remotely
16:48 – Strategies to foster increased virtual communication with new staff

Gambling on greatness

Macau, China, is emerging as a significant economic force.

A key to health and wealth

Tan combines knowledge from her past and current careers to guide clients.

Tips and Technology

Make your life easier with these tech items.


Success stories from reopening my office – or keeping it closed

As the pandemic continues and local governments update their guidance for social distancing, advisors are deciding whether to meet in person with clients or by leveraging technology. In this episode, MDRT members share how they have thrived whether through ongoing virtual work or through establishing in-office options. Featuring MDRT members Lam Pui Ka, Brad J. Myers, Leena Parwani, MBA, Cert CII.

Creating camaraderie from afar through relationship building for remote teams

When working remotely, productivity can drop sharply as you lose touch with your team. With some planning, however, you can create a sense of camaraderie from afar.

Eyes on the horizon

Advisors in Canada are focused on challenges still to come.

Focus on Whole Person

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Combatting decision fatigue

Try these strategies to fight depleting energy caused by a constant barrage of decisions.

The accountability call

Feeling unproductive? Try this simple strategy to get back on track.

One good thing

MDRT members find hope and joy amidst today's challenges.


Books that have played an impactful role during challenging times

Have you found a book that can make a difference in a client’s life and taken the initiative to share it with them? In this episode, MDRT members explain each of the books they have chosen and the difference that it made.

You’ll hear from:
Catherine Chee Keng Lian, MBA, FChFP
John P. Enright
Sarah Helen Hogan, ACII

Episode breakdown:
0:31 – A surprising coincidence about “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse”
2:36 – Recognizing the elevated value of “Raising Financially Aware Kids” during the pandemic
3:12 – Why clients can learn from “Walking out of the Financial Maze”
There are many reasons why advisors might have wanted to share reading

Time to recharge

How to combat compassion fatigue and burnout, while still helping clients.


Set goals and break them down into smaller steps

All of your goals can be achieved in just 40 days with this simple, but effective, system from Alphonso Franco, of Canada.


Forecasting client needs as the crisis goes on longer

What are you doing to plan for what clients will be thinking and worrying about as these difficult times continue? In this episode, MDRT members share what they anticipate from clients moving forward and how they will help meet those needs.

You’ll hear from:
Anant Jain, AFP, CFP
Miliana, CFP
Sherry Lee Ong

Episode breakdown:
0:30 – Being prepared for a rise in depression
1:18 – Recognizing differences in spending and where clients derive their happiness
3:32 – Reframing services and communication to meet clients in their new state of mind
5:07 – Enhancing online prospecting to find more people who need help

Recovery and empowerment

Top MDRT Foundation Quality of Life grant awarded to support survivors of human trafficking.

Diary of an MDRT member: 5 things to do daily while at home

While we can’t go to the office to work, we can use our time at home well as our imagination and abilities allow. Read how an MDRT member is productive daily with these positive activities.

Discovering a balanced approach to staying at home

Rather than seeing this virus outbreak as a great disaster, why don’t we try to see it as a great corrector that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives?

Stick to your goals to thrive in uncertain times

Now is the time for MDRT members to activate their greatest attributes, self-discipline. We need it to succeed, says Tony Gordon.


How I’m approaching my biggest challenge during quarantine

How do you help yourself right now if you are a social person used to having a lot of in-person appointments? Or you want to help friends and family but can’t? In this episode (recorded before stay-at-home orders went into effect), MDRT members explained what they have struggled with during the current global crisis and what they have done to overcome these challenges.

You’ll hear from:
David Eric Appel, ChFC, CLU
H. Richard Dobson Jr.
Julianne Hertel, CLTC

Episode breakdown:
0:29 – Finding new ways to interact when you’re a social person
1:45 – Overcoming the feeling of being powerless with friends and family
3:12 – Utilizing new opportunities to get out and do something
3:48 – Establishing new perspective on a calendar without in-person appointments
7:09 – Counteracting your own concerns by making comfort calls to clients