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The resilience recipe: Key ingredients for thriving in challenging times

Everyone deals with change, adversity and uncertainty. What separates you from others is how you succeed despite these challenges. In this session, Black shares his story of surviving a heart and double-lung transplant to provide a guide to thriving against long odds. Discussing his recovery and successive completion of multiple marathons, Black inspires advisors to examine what they believe is possible and push through excuses to take ownership for results. With the 5 A’s of Black’s Resilience Recipe — Accept, Adapt, Aim, Act and Assess — this session will help increase productivity and make advisors feel newly motivated to adjust their business and life toward a winning and resilient approach. <br> <br> <a href=""><center><hr><font color="darkred" size="3"><b>Click here to find more from the 2018 Annual Meeting</b></font><hr>