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Veronica Alva, FPC

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I started my career in this profession in 2001 and have since built a good rapport with all of my clients. I build relationships with them, learn their needs and aim to cater to them. My No. 1 motive is to always show clients that their needs are important to me.

In 2002, I went for a business meeting with a doctor in a well-known hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As I finished my meeting, I smiled at the nurse who was assisting him. She smiled back, but there was something lacking. Gathering my people skills, I started chatting with her, and she confided that she was very lonely. She was likely waiting for an opportunity to open up to someone, and we slowly became friends.

I came to learn that she was in her early 30s, living alone in Dubai at the time and did not have many friends. She eventually told me about her plans to get married, should she find a suitable match.

As I was prospecting around this time, I met a couple who wanted me to help find a partner for their son — who was also in his early 30s. I introduced my new friend to this family. Their son and my friend met, liked one another and were married.

In every step — from meeting them when they were single through their subsequent marriage — I had suggested they start saving for their future. The couple were very happy with our products, and they invested in what they could. In 2004, the couple welcomed a daughter.

In 2010, our company introduced an education plan for children, which was capital-guaranteed and provided four times the sum assured as a death benefit.

As soon as the product was launched, I recommended the plan to this couple and many of my other policyholders, knowing the protection it provided. The couple bought the education plan that year.

One day, in May 2011, the husband complained of discomfort and sought treatment. When there was no improvement, he went for a second opinion with another doctor and — to his horror — learned he had stage 4 rectal cancer. He was 43 and given six months to live.

Thanks to advancements in science, continuous treatment and chemotherapy, he survived for three more years and passed away in October 2014.

Now came time to settle the claim for his two policies. With the education plan and another plan he bought earlier, my company settled a claim amount of about 500,000 Emirati Dirhams to his wife and daughter.

I called the wife and daughter to our office to hand over the check. When she saw the amount, she was filled with emotion and could not control her tears. I could see the gratitude in her eyes for her husband, who foresaw the need when he was still alive. She hugged me tightly, and tears streamed down my face. 

I had never felt job satisfaction like this ever before. Through my job, I have not just amassed clients but friends. This incident strengthened my belief that what we do makes a difference in clients’ lives. We must always strive to do so and be proud of the work we do.

Veronica Alva is an 18-year MDRT member from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Contact her at


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