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Q&A: Yee Von Lim

Sarah Steimer

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Yee Von Lim on how the pandemic has impacted us on a global scale and indeffnitely reshaped how we work and live.

Yee Von Lim on how the pandemic has impacted us on a global scale and indefinitely reshaped how we work and live.

We will be living in denial should we not acknowledge the fact that the pandemic has drastically changed the dynamics of how we work, live and commerce. But the most significant shift will be how we plan for our future.

Financial planning should be given a lot of emphasis as it dictates how we spend, save or invest now and post-COVID-19. Through my observation, consumers have taken a more proactive role on their wellbeing and mental state. They pay more attention to financial management for themselves, families and businesses.

Insurance agents will need to be more forward-thinking, constantly reinventing ourselves and reestablishing our role in our customers’ livelihood. Our roles need to be reimagined to be more inclusive, human-driven and understanding of the underlying experience our customers are facing right now.

How have you seen the effect on business owners?

Most business owners face the aftermath of this pandemic.

For instance, one of my clients was having sleepless nights as his business and employees’ morale was severely affected by the pandemic. I reached out to him and we had a very constructive meeting together with his staff and partners.

As the owner, he plays a vital role to steer his company out from the storm. It is important that he is equipped with the right knowledge on how to manage his cash flow and understand the need to purchase insurance for himself and his family. This has lifted his worries on the welfare of his family so he can fully concentrate on rebuilding his business.

What other feedback have you received from your approach to business during the pandemic?

Nothing is more satisfying than receiving acknowledgment from my clients for my effort and support to them during these troubled times, complimenting me for being inclusive and human. Some even thanked me personally for reaching out to them and assisting them to better plan for themselves and their families.

Some of my most defining moments came when my own teammates and partners became MDRT members, and I was able to groom another group of mentees during this challenging time. I am glad I was able to play an active role in supporting them to achieve their dreams when odds are stacked against us.

Yee Von Lim is a six-year MDRT member from Selangor, Malaysia. She can be reached at


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