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Q&A: Miliana Marten, CFP

Liz DeCarlo

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Miliana Marten has seen client priorities change in the face of COVID-19.

Miliana Marten has seen client priorities change in the face of COVID-19.

The pandemic made clients more aware of the need for protection. They are now more open to talking about insurance protection. However, many of them are worried about having a long-term commitment in paying insurance, and so they postpone buying insurance. But those who can afford to do so will buy the insurance now. Their lifestyle has changed dramatically. Previously, they spent more on luxury items and vacations, but now they are more realistic and use online shopping and apps to be smart buyers.

How have you shifted some of your communication tactics during the pandemic?

I put more effort in educating prospects through social media. I create educational webinars and post them on my social media because this is a good time for educating clients — a sowing time — and I believe when the situation is better, especially if their economic situation gets better, we can reap the result. I am using webinars to tell client stories as a way of educating people about the importance of insurance.

There are about 60-80 participants attending my educational webinars, and from that I can get 10 sales on average. Before the pandemic, I conducted client gatherings where I invited 20-30 people to a nice restaurant — and it cost me a lot.

What other opportunities did you find during this period?

I can spread my impact more widely to the world without any boundaries. This pandemic also sped up my productivity. Previously, I needed to meet people one by one to explain about financial planning. Every day now, I meet two or three people consistently.

Miliana Marten, CFP, is a 12-year MDRT member from Jakarta, Indonesia. Contact her at


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