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Q&A: Kennedy Sumarlie, AWP

Liz DeCarlo

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Kennedy Sumarlie, AWP, has worked closely with high-net-worth clients in the past year.

Kennedy Sumarlie, AWP, has worked closely with high-net-worth clients in the past year.

Because of the pandemic, high-net-worth individuals prefer to adjust their investment portfolios. Although portfolio diversification is a must, portfolio rebalancing is also important to support optimal assets and investment growth. If needed, I help them adjust and rebalance their assets to more low-risk portfolios. A good balance between investing in stocks, mixed mutual funds, government bonds and other forms of fixed-income investments keeps their portfolio performance healthy and responsive to market movements and global economic conditions.

How have you adjusted what you’re discussing with them?

I help them analyze the latest news and conditions regarding global economics and how it relates to their existing portfolios. I contact them more often and do it with discipline and regularity. 

What methods are you using to reach prospects and clients?

I create branding through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn and Line. And through this pandemic, I have learned many new things. I have turned cold leads from social media into hot leads by engaging through webinars and other virtual meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. My closing ratio is 20 to 30% from prospects I have met in virtual meetings. Prospects become our clients. This is the power of social media.

Kennedy Sumarlie is a three-year MDRT member from Jakarta, Indonesia. Contact him at


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