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Q&A: Sukanta Singha Roy

Liz DeCarlo

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The pandemic brings opportunities and challenges in advising clients.

Sukanta Singha Roy had some good things happen in 2020.

Yes, the pandemic has opened up a new segment of consumers. Those who showed a tendency to avoid insurance discussions or who didn’t take the subject that seriously suddenly realized the value. The continuous lockdown due to the pandemic has practically broken the unrealistic belief that human life is immortal. That strong belief restrained consumers from proper money management. COVID-19 helped in changing that mentality in a better way.

What kind of financial advice did you give to clients when the pandemic hit?

The pandemic has proved that human life is uncertain, and thus so is the world economy. Money management is a must for everyone to survive such emergencies, and only a stable and guaranteed rate of interest can provide that assurance. Only a few annuity products can help out in surviving such volatility in the economy. As we all are unsure about such emergencies in the future, it is a must to avail such fixed money flow to keep up with the emergencies.

During this pandemic, people faced huge financial turmoil, which made them realize the uncertainty of life. The situation is thus highly favorable for our industry. Emphasizing and reiterating the fact that people need to be strong financially by choosing proper annuity products and health insurance helped my clients and prospects reevaluate their existing financial frame.

How have you stayed motivated during this time? 

As the pandemic terrified people with negativity, there were a few positive aspects of the situation as well. The COVID-19 situation taught people to survive emergencies and provided a lot of time for self-development and introspection. Along with my clients, I was also able to polish a few things in my life that needed to be upgraded.

The pandemic made me realize that with every negative there is a sign of positivity. All you need is to look for it.

Sukanta Singha Roy is a seven-year MDRT member from Kolkata, India. Contact him at


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