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Q&A: Caio Cunha

Liz DeCarlo

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Caio Cunha is looking at business growth in two areas.

Caio Cunha is looking at business growth in two areas

I have begun working with large companies in the employee benefits area. We can provide two services, one on the company benefits plan and the other on the individual plans of each employee. Employees come and go at a company, and without individualized service, the family ends up being unprotected. It is very important to acquaint people with the importance of individual insurance when we are working with companies.

When you start working with a company, how do you handle so many new individual clients?

You need to increase your support staff. I am always interviewing candidates to look for more pre-qualified professionals to integrate into the business. I conduct interviews every month — usually about 10. People ask me: “If you are already fully staffed, why do you keep doing interviews?” It is because I want to meet more people who fit our company vision; furthermore, isn’t seeking to understand each candidate’s productive capacity always good?

You have an interesting method of testing the people you interview. Tell us that secret.

For this work, people need to know how to communicate efficiently. Knowing how to write, talk and listen is a basic requirement for business performance. In the last 15 minutes of my interview, I ask the candidates to write an essay. It can be about the market or about the economy. Since Rumo CF is a company that offers financial tools focused on financial planning for people and businesses, we have to seek people who are interested in the matter and who know how to communicate the current economic scenario.

Generally, the written topics involve questions such as: “What do you expect from the economy in Brazil in 2020?” or “What do you expect from the U.S. elections in 2020?” It is incredible to see the potential of candidates in cognitive aspects, synthesis and working under pressure when we just give them 15 minutes on an everyday question for a financial advisor.

Caio Henrique Cunha is a 10-year MDRT member from Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more information, email him at


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