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Q&A: Rickson D'souza

Liz DeCarlo

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Rickson D'souza's Instagram feed is filled with photos of other businesses.

Rickson D’souza’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of other businesses...

For the next 20 or 25 days, we’re sharing stories with a couple of pictures of businesses that need our attention right now. For instance, if it’s a restaurant, we share what to order when you go there, because it is what they’re known for. It’s as simple as that. There’s no exchange of money. No influencer mentality on this. The whole point is to create awareness for a small business. The idea is to create a positive environment, because I find that after three Zoom calls with clients
in the current situation, where people are experiencing
a lot of negativity, I am drained.

How else are you sharing positive vibes these days?

We’ve sent out some gifts. I won’t send a hand sanitizer pack, because they’re already worried about that. Instead we send them exercise bands they can use if they can’t get to the gym. Or I’ll hand-pick two or three clients and I’ll cook something for them. It’s nice to put something together, especially if they’re single and not living with their families in Dubai. We give them a home-cooked meal. I’ll say, “I can’t invite you into my home right now, but here’s something from my home to yours.”

You have one gift you send out that’s pretty unusual.

I buy a code online for the Kolbe A Index or the Clifton StrengthsFinder tests. They tell you a little bit about your cognitive side. We send them the code in a WhatsApp message or as an email, so they have a chance to learn a little more about themselves. There’s no personal gain to me out of this; it’s just sharing something positive. And it’s a little bit out of the normal business mindset, so we’re not repeating the same thing constantly.

The whole idea behind all of this is to create some positivity, and maybe a grateful mindset as well.

Rickson Joel D’souza is a 16-year MDRT member from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Contact him at


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