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Q&A: George Pickett

Antoinette Tuscano

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George Pickett uses the concept of bowling when working with clients.

I set up pins, which would be five to six choices. Some choices I know need to be knocked down; however, I want the client to know that I have thought through all the options. Once we remove the three to four options that won’t work well, we can focus on the ones that are still standing. This approach works virtually all the time. It helps build trust and confidence in the advice I’m providing.

How do you develop those choices?

Start with the facts. Identify the goals of the client. Then, make recommendations. The client decides, and then we implement. In the future, we repeat the process with other choices and other improvements as opportunities present themselves. As we provide continuing service, we uncover other goals, other needs, other options that may be implemented in time. We want to create a strong relationship that, in turn, will create a strong experience for the client. We find that, if the client has a positive experience, they will continue to further the process. 

You have a unique way of looking at a client’s past and future.

Every person is his own ancestor and his own heir. We devise our own future and we inherit our own past. Our job is to work with the you today who inherited from your past and together work to create an ideal future. We will advocate for the you of the future. 

George B. Pickett, J.D., CLU, is a 50-year MDRT member from Flowood, Mississippi. He served as MDRT President in 2004.
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