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Jackie McGoey

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From waterproof keyboards to an email assistant, these tech tips will make your life easier.
Comfort in the skies

Comfort in the skies

Frequent flyers are always on the lookout for any way to make a long flight more comfortable. The hammock-like Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest helps prevent muscle strains, aches, pains and swelling by elevating your feet while in the air. It easily attaches to the tray table and is made of memory foam for ultimate comfort. $30,

When it’s time for some shut-eye, slip on the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask. Unlike traditional masks, which are flat and rest directly against your eyes, the Nidra is molded. It curves away from your eyes to prevent lash rubbing, leaving you free to drift into a blissful slumber. $12,

Attention grabbing

Attention grabbing

Fidget toys aren’t just for children; they can improve concentration and focus, and calm nerves in adults as well. Consider Speks Magnetic Balls if you struggle with sensory overload, but don’t want something on your desk that screams “fidget toy.” The smooth balls look more like a modern desk ornament and can be manipulated into many different configurations. They also come in a variety of colors, including rose gold, teal, silver, red and moonstone. Starts at $25, If a traditional option is more your speed, the Antsy Labs Fidget Cube offers six sides of handsy fun. You can click it, glide it, flip it and roll it. $13,

Fearless explorer

Fearless explorer

Take the stress out of finding your way around a new city with the Citymapper app. Type in your desired destination, and the app will suggest transportation options ranging from bike riding and public transportation to Uber and walking. Connected to 39 cities around the world, including New York, Manchester, Paris, Vienna, Seoul and Melbourne, the app also includes maps, provides estimated arrival times, offers detailed information in the case of delays, and allows you to share your routes and destinations with family and friends. You can even use the map feature offline, saving you from roaming data charges when abroad. Free,

Email assistant

If Gmail is your preferred email provider, the Boomerang for Gmail plugin offers useful features to increase your productivity. Schedule emails to be sent later, temporarily remove emails from your inbox until you need to respond to them, and receive reminders if you don’t get responses within a specific timeframe. With the Pro version ($15 per month), you can also completely pause your inbox, so you can work inside Gmail without being distracted by new messages.

Also included is Respondable, an AI assistant to help you craft better emails. Respondable rates your email based on factors such as subject length, word count, politeness, reading level and more. $5 and up per month,

Conferencing made simple

The Meeting Owl Pro smart conferencing system takes the place of your mic, camera and speakers to make your conference calls simple and seamless. Compatible with all top video conferencing programs such as Google Meet, Skype for Business and Zoom, this all-in-one smart device includes a 1,080-pixel resolution camera, 360-degree speakers and responsive zooming capabilities. The accompanying mobile app offers additional functions such as camera lock, which allows you to keep the focus on a certain part of the room. $1,000,

The write stuff

The write stuff

Every business person reaches a level in their career when there comes a need for a more refined writing utensil. The Grovemade Pen & Stand is equal parts function and art. The seamless all-metal pen body is built for durability, and the wooden stand is its perfect home. Together, they elevate the look of your workspace. Starts at $60,

Easy cleand

Easy clean

Crumbs and spills happen, especially when you eat over your keyboard. The Adesso EasyTouch Antimicrobial Waterproof Keyboard is made to be hand-washed and even submerged, if necessary. The key to its design is a silicone box which protects its circuitry from moisture. It’s also made of antimicrobial material to prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria. $30,



The computer mouse gets reimagined with the Mycestro Wearable Mouse. Lightweight and ergonomic, the 3D cursor is worn on your finger, giving you the ability to work using your natural gestures and thumb movements, and in any position that is comfortable. It connects wirelessly to your device, and you can control it from up to 30 feet away. $150,


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