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Q&A: Ashit Rajkotia

Liz DeCarlo

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Rajkotia explains how he prospects in his community.

Ashit Rajkotia schedules his client meetings in the morning only…

In India, the most productive business time is before 12:30. I realized people didn’t want to meet in the afternoon, so now I work in my office during those hours. I use this time to work on paperwork and check in with clients. I only hold client meetings in the evening if the meeting is with a family.

How do you prospect and ask for referrals?

One way is by putting a message on Facebook when there’s a new law. I get a lot of calls after that. I also make handmade cards for six different occasions. They’re very colorful cards, and when I send one to my clients, they often display them on their table or desk. My name comes up when people ask about them. Also, when I’m asking for a referral, I’ll ask the referrer to call the prospect before I call. The chances of closing are higher that way.

You’re very active in your community. How do you transform a relationship from volunteering together to work?

When I’m volunteering, such as with Rotary, I start with friendship first. I get the business from them asking me what I do. When I reply to this, I talk generally. When they’re ready and if they initiate it, I talk with them as a client. You have to sell yourself first, and then new clients will come to you. Sometimes it takes time though. I got my biggest client after 16 years of volunteering with him. I got referrals from him before that, but not his business.

Ashit P. Rajkotia is a 13-year MDRT member from Indore, India. Contact him at


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