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Q&A: Lucia Dewani Soeradji

Liz DeCarlo

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Keeping meetings low pressure and building a brand through social media.

Lucia Dewani Soeradji doesn’t believe in the hard sell.

I don’t ask if they want to buy or not. When I leave an appointment, I tell the prospect they can connect with me on social media or contact me. They don’t feel pressured and they come back. Clients will say, “I like you because you’re not pushy, not a salesperson.”

You start the process with a soft approach too.

Yes, I make it simple and relaxed. I ask them, “How many minutes do you have?” before we get our discussion started. Then I’ll ask, “How’s your life? Your career?” I give them 15 minutes to tell their story before I ask, “What do you need that I can help you with?”

A big part of your strategy is branding yourself through social media.

If I have a referral I don’t know, I tell them to go to my social media and see who I am. You have to put your whole being on social media, and show your work-life balance. I post about my travel, my sports, my daughters. I ask clients who get a benefit or claim if they want to do a video, and then I share it on Instagram. Not for selling, but to show people what life insurance is all about.

Does your social media presence bring in clients?

I get a lot of my clients through referrals, but I also have people contacting me because of social media. Some become my recruits too. I’m always very professional on social media. If you go in a positive way, you can get a lot of value. 

Lucia Dewani Soeradji is an 11-year MDRT member from Jakarta, Indonesia.
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