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Q&A: Glen Winata

Liz DeCarlo

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Using WhatsApp to communicate with clients and prospects.

My prospects come by referral and I introduce myself by a WhatsApp message asking if they have time to meet for a financial plan. I give a choice of two days and ask them to pick one, so there’s no chance for a no. I do everything by WhatsApp — I never make phone calls for an appointment.

What’s your work week like?

I do motivation and team training on Monday and sales-builder activities on Friday. The other days I prospect and do joint field work with my agents. Most days I’m not in the office. I favor working at home or in a cafe so I’m not interrupted. As an agent, PGA leader and Country Chair of MDRT Indonesia, I need to manage my time effectively because there are a lot of things to do. 

Do you have a strategy for using social media?

Social media is a platform for me to brand and create my image. I never say anything negative about my personal or professional life. I post about my family or my travels. It’s common in Indonesia to post pictures of people with their policies, with the client’s approval. It doesn’t include any personal information, but I’ll write something like, “This man bought a policy from me.” I talked to a social-media influencer, and he said this approach can reach others.

Will technology replace advisors one day?

Today we have cars that can drive themselves. Things that were considered crazy just 20 years ago are here. But I think we’ll be helped by artificial intelligence, not replaced. A good example is an airplane. You still need a pilot, but technology is detecting the wind and other factors.

Glen Alexander Winata is a six-year MDRT member from Jakarta, Indonesia. Contact him at


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