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Connecting wellness to charitable giving

Matt Pais

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Nabity inspires staff and clients through a community of support and self-improvement.

It almost sounds too good to be true, developing a program that can do all of the following: motivate and bond staff, attract and inspire clients, involve members of the community, and make a big difference to people around the world.

In fact, said Justin Nabity, CFP, a six-year MDRT member from Omaha, Nebraska, it’s not only real, but something that any MDRT member can do.

Healthy living rewards

Nabity created Mind, Body and Soul, an app-based program that rewards employees and clients for investing time in all of those areas. In return, Nabity's firm contributes to Give Sight Global, a charity he created.

By downloading the organization’s app and tracking their physical activity, users raise $1 toward fighting blindness for every 120 calories they burn.

The payoff is two-fold: healthier clients and employees, and a natural marketing tool to reach out to new prospects.

“This type of idea can dramatically make your business development much easier,” said Nabity, who specializes in contract negotiation, and tax and financial planning for physicians.

“You go from the traditional marketing approach to creating a movement as your engine.”

The global mission of Give Sight Global serves as a natural marketing effort with prospects.

For example, Nabity launched an initiative where every client served will give the gift of sight to someone who has lost theirs.

To execute this, the firm reserved 1 percent of its annual revenue for eye surgeries.

This type of idea can dramatically make your business development much easier.

“What this did was make it easier for clients to choose us over others because, simply by being a client, they’re making a difference,” Nabity said. “And the chance of them sharing this information with others is much greater.”

Motivating employees

The Mind, Body and Soul program has also made a difference in employee attitudes.

It makes a $1 donation for every 10 minutes employees spend exercising, on spiritual wellness and on an activity that can enhance their work and personal life (like listening to a business podcast or reading a book about personal development).

“We have employees getting active now who haven’t been doing much of anything for 10 years,” Nabity said. “People are getting healthier, they’re more engaged, and we’re creating an environment where, if you’re not investing in bettering yourself, you’re falling behind.”

It connects to Nabity’s belief that an organization that invests in employees’ personal interests will have higher morale, better productivity and lower turnover.

In addition, members of the team bring motivation from outside the workplace with them when they arrive at the office.

“We found that by doing this, everyone in our organization is united with a common purpose and mission,” said Nabity.

Meanwhile, Nabity connects the mission of fighting blindness to the role of advisors. “Every client we serve lacks financial vision; we can help them gain sight financially while helping people who have lost theirs,” he said.

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