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Q&A: Kulacha Saratyanan

Antoinette Tuscano

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Kulacha Saratyanan is finding more solutions to offer clients

Kulacha Saratyanan is finding more solutions to offer clients...

What are some of the changes you see in Thailand in your profession?

In Thailand, we’re acting more as financial consultants. There’s a shift. Instead of only selling insurance, we help with investments, retirement and education plans. To work with investments, though, we must be certified. That’s one of the reasons it’s becoming more important to attain the right certifications and licenses. What happens in places like Singapore with financial services tends to happen about five years later in Thailand.

How do you set yourself apart from other people in your field?

I look at all five aspects of my clients’ financial lives: education funds for children, investments, retirement, risk management and insurance. I think a lot of agents forget about the importance of helping clients with providing education funds for their children and making sure clients are protected with good health insurance plans.

How do you work with high-net-worth clients?

I focus on tax planning because that comes into play for a lot for my clients who have their own businesses. Tax regulations and laws are always changing in Thailand, so that’s difficult for my clients to keep up with. High-net-worth clients want to work with people who can solve their problems.

Kulacha Saratyanan is a nine-year MDRT member from Bangkok, Thailand.

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