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Four quick ideas to network and prospect

Michael DePilla

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How to network like a pro, get referrals and close the deal on life insurance.
Center of Attn

Center of attention

When you’re part of a circle of people, take a step back and use your peripheral vision to notice who’s passing by to include them in the conversation. This will make you the focal point of the group and make a lasting impression on others. Instead of being that person who’s awkward or just there, you become the person who’s bringing people together.

— Jeremy Mark Wellington, Dip PFS, Dip CII, Truro, England, 7-year member

Lumpur Quote

I make it very clear to my prospect that the insurance programs I am presenting are not to make him rich, but instead, during his absence, to ensure his family is not poor.

— Mohamad Manmohan Abdullah, ChFC, CLU, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23-year member

No Jargon

No jargon

The biggest mistake we make as financial advisors is thinking our client understands what we’re talking about when we are speaking in industry jargon. The client likely has never heard these words and is a little embarrassed to ask for clarification. It’s important for you to put yourself in the client’s shoes and try to imagine what they are going through. If you’re working with a doctor and they start speaking to you in a language you don’t understand, how comfortable are you moving forward with the procedures they’re recommending?

— Ali Hashemian, CFP, MBA, Los Angeles, California, 6-year member

Obtaining Referrals

Obtaining referrals

Instead of asking clients “to help your business,” frame your request like this: “I am sure you care about your family and friends. Who among your family and closest friends do you think would need this kind of financial protection? Would you mind if I talk to them about it too?”

— Ysabel Victoria Obediencia Benitez, Makati, Philippines, 5-year member


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