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Q&A: Bo Jiang

Antoinette Tuscano

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Jiang discusses the impact of China's evolving economy.

What’s being done to raise standards for the financial services profession in China?

Agents need 80 hours of annual training. If agents miss their exams, we tell them straight away they probably will have their license revoked. We ask those agents to leave the company. We’d rather lose them than put ourselves in danger and risk our own position. In China, both the manager and the agent could be criminally prosecuted for giving clients bad advice.

What has significantly changed in the Chinese economy in recent years that’s had an impact on the financial services profession?

It’s the rapid increase of the middle class. People’s living standards have improved tremendously, especially along the coastal lines. In coastal cities, many people’s income has doubled. GDP per capita is reaching close to $10,000. Most first-tier city residents have properties and cars as well as enjoy a better education. So they start to pay more attention to life insurance policies.

What’s one of the biggest financial planning or protection needs for your clients?

Life insurance is an important element for asset allocation or distribution, especially for those who make their wealth in the first or second generation. Without life insurance, there seems to be a lack of protection. The key message we deliver to the public is that life insurance is about life-long protection and long-term savings.  

Bo Jiang is a 12-year MDRT member from Shenzhen Guangdong, China.

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