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Medical crises don't stop during economic downturns

Delia Hui Wong

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Convincing a young client to keep her policy shows advisor her mission.

We know as financial advisors that a medical crisis can strike a client at any time, even when they’re young and seemingly healthy. This situation can be especially difficult for clients during turbulent economic periods. This is why we must look out for our clients and guide them during those times so their families’ futures remain protected.

I had a client who was 32 years old, and she wanted to cancel her medical hospitalization policy. At the time, the financial crisis of 2008 was hitting Singapore, just as it was throughout the world. Because of the shaky state of the economy, my client mistakenly believed the insurance company would not be able to pay out her policy should she ever need it.

As a dutiful advisor, I don’t run away from clients who want to cancel their policies. I care enough to go the extra mile and meet with clients to review the benefits of their plan. I told my client, “If you still insist on not wanting to continue with the plan after we talk, I’ll respect your decision and carry out your instructions accordingly. Can we meet?”

After we talked, she decided to keep the insurance policy. In 2010, she gave birth to a boy, but it wasn’t my client who called to give me the news. Instead, it was her husband and he had terrible news. His wife had leukemia. I was stunned.

I quickly made sure everything was in place with her policy so my client and her family could receive the financial assistance they needed. And when her family found out she had wanted to cancel her insurance, they were grateful to me that I managed to convince her to keep the policy. It built trust with the entire family. I didn’t expect it, but her family members began purchasing policies from me as well.

My client passed away less than a year later. Seeing the child taken care of made me realize the mission of my work. It’s not just about me making a good living for myself and my family. It’s about ensuring the lives of others can be cared for and protected.  

Delia Hui Wong is a six-year MDRT member from Singapore.

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