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Q&A: Joseph Spinelli works with Knights, not knights

Matt Pais

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Spinelli describes his work with the Knights of Columbus

You are an advisor for the Knights of Columbus, a service organization open to Catholic men older than 18. How does this specific clientele make your role unique?

We’re a fraternal benefits society and a very tight-knit community, and insurance was a founding principal of the organization. I’m a member just like them. I know it sounds cliche, but the insurance company is for brother Knights by brother Knights. Knights of Columbus gets us in the door to see families, but then they hold us to a higher standard because of the Catholic and service ties we have. They expect more from us.

So with advisors only representing Knights of Columbus members, are you in competition with each other?

No, everybody has their own geographic territory. I cover Tallahassee and Panama City, Florida, and every stoplight town in between. Not every Knight buys insurance from a Knights advisor; some guys always think they can get a better deal somewhere else. I would love to win them all, but I don’t. Still, it’s a brotherhood, and we have a very loyal customer client base.

What protection advice would you have for a knight in the King Arthur era?

I don’t know, maybe disability insurance in case you lose a limb. In 100 BC, Romans formed burial clubs. And then in Europe in the 1600s, they bought marine insurance because of the popularity of shipping, shipwreck fires and pirating. I don’t have much experience with clients in the pirating field. 

Joseph Spinelli III, LUTCF, FICF, is an eight-year MDRT member from Tallahassee, Florida. Contact him at


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