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Q&A: Benson Ni

Liz DeCarlo

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Benson Ni adapts to changing laws.

Taiwan has stringent laws regarding asset distribution. Can you explain how you handle this?

According to government law, each child is protected and receives a percentage of the estate, even if they’re not in the will. I encourage clients to buy a life insurance policy to address this asset allocation issue. It’s not easy to distribute property fairly among beneficiaries, so we think life insurance is a tool to distribute wealth.

How have changes in tax regulations affected you?

Even though in recent years the inheritance tax has been raised to 20 percent from 10 percent, clients’ desire to plan tax savings through insurance has dropped. The National Tax Bureau requires clients to pay tax to stop tax avoidance through insurance policies. This means that our advantage of providing high-asset clients a solution to saving on taxes is no longer appealing. Most clients now consider transferring wealth to cash, or buying vehicles and properties instead of insurance.

You do a lot of seminar selling. Why have you chosen this approach?

It’s much more productive to teach in groups than to have an agent teach each person. It’s also advantageous because of many clients’ hesitancy toward insurance agents. For the seminars, we tap our expertise of lawyers and accountants. Tax issues are very complicated, so we have included seminars with tax specialists to teach our clients. Also, my company organizes workshop events, especially board games, that emphasize cash flow. Through this, prospects see all the company has to offer, and we are able to follow up with them.  

Benson Ni is a six-year MDRT member from Taipei, Taiwan. Contact him at


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