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It happened to me

Angela Gaw-Flores

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I had to present on my own when the office expert wasn't available.

Who: Angela Gaw-Flores, five-year MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines

Background: My niche market is mainly Chinese business owners living near my residence. I see at least three people a day. My clients seldom give direct referrals; instead, they invite me to events and introduce me to friends.

What happened: Last November, a friend called me and mentioned that their company was planning to set up a group retirement plan. Since I am not that familiar with group retirement, I wanted to have someone from our head office come with me. Unfortunately, the person was not available. I couldn’t move the appointment, and had to do this on my own.

I learned the company had scheduled presentations from different insurance companies, and this would be a marathon presentation from various insurance companies.

I requested to be the last to present. In the boardroom, when I was setting up my laptop, I was told the company’s directors wanted to have a fast presentation. I asked how long my allotted time would be, and was told I would have only 15 minutes.

It was really challenging, but I was able to create an interactive presentation. The board asked questions, and I answered them all confidently.

When I stepped out of the room, I learned that the representative of one company was not allowed to present anymore because his partner came in late, so I was glad I took the initiative and handled the presentation on my own.

Lessons learned

  1. Always be punctual.
  2. Always be familiar with all of your company's products.
  3. Always be ready.
  4. There is no second chance. Therefore, be good at what you do, all the time.

Cristine T. Tan, LUTCF, a 14-year MDRT member from Quezon City, Philippines, and a member of the Client Strategies Task Force, contributed to this article.


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