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True tale of life insurance in action

Roy Hall

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When Roy Hall loses his best friend, he sees firsthand the results of life insurance on the family left behind.
Twenty years ago, I was the ultimate daredevil. If it involved danger or speed, I had to try it. But I didn’t do it alone — I shared almost every experience with my best friend, who was like a brother to me. With our common interests, our friendship grew stronger and stronger.

When I married my wife, my best mate stood beside me, and vice versa. The day we brought our baby girl home from the hospital, he told us they were expecting a baby girl of their own. Our families spent vacations and weekends together, camping, barbecuing and enjoying unforgettable nights out on the town.

Fast forward to June 4, 2014. I was in my car when I got the call I never expected — my best mate had been killed in a car accident. In that instant, my life stopped in its tracks and would never be the same again.

We often talk about the purpose of the insurance policies we sell. I have handed over those priceless checks, but what I didn’t realize until being so personally involved was the effect they had on the lives of the ones left behind.

I experienced the most bittersweet moment of my life handing over my best friend’s life insurance check to his widow. It was something I couldn’t have ever prepared myself for emotionally. But knowing she was going to be financially secure brought me some peace.

It will never replace him, but it allowed her to provide for her children. It has given her time to grieve and decide how she will live her life on this now different journey she has been put on. Most importantly, it has allowed their family to keep living in his absence, instead of losing all their lifelong dreams the day he died.

This heartbreaking time brought so much clarity to my purpose in life and why I have the passion I do for this profession. Before this happened, I often didn’t broach the subject of life insurance around my friends and family. I didn't want to seem like I was pushing it on them. This is not the case anymore.

I often think about how different my best friend’s family’s life would be if I had never talked with him about it, and I am so proud that I did.

Roy Hall is a 12-year MDRT member from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. To hear this presentation in its entirety, go to

Roy Hall


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