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Q&A: Annie Hung

Liz DeCarlo

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Annie Hung always asks her clients these three things.
I ask them where they want to settle for retirement, who they would like to retire with and what they want to do when they retire.

You remind them their friends should be looking at retirement plans too.
Yes, I tell clients to encourage their friends to have a similar retirement plan, or they’ll be very lonely in retirement. I tell clients, “You want your friends to have the same financial and retirement plan as you.”

How do you address the shortfall in the government retirement program?
Taiwan is undergoing a reform of retirement plans. People need more than the allotted retirement amount. I tell my clients they have to invert the triangle. The government amount is very small, and the company contribution is even less. Most retirement funding has to come from themselves. So when I talk to a client, I do a retirement plan with the government portion, company portion and the person’s savings.

Can you talk about how you address retirement and savings issues with your youngest clients?
In Taiwan, people in their 20s normally stay with their families. So whatever they earn goes into their own pocket. I encourage them to save 50 percent of their earnings. Most young people in five years have nothing in the bank. But they could see $33,000 in five years if they save 50 percent of their income. Some of them are willing to talk to me when they see this.

Annie Hung is a three-year MDRT member from Taipei, Taiwan. Contact her at

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