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Why you should write a book

Liz DeCarlo

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Everyone has two books in them. It's time to start yours.
“I’m told everyone has about two books in them,” said Brent Welch, CFP, CRPS. For financial advisors, writing a book can help you become more focused in your process and gain credibility as an expert with your clients.

If starting with the goal of writing a full-length book intimidates you, Welch suggests starting with a booklet or working with other advisors and writing one chapter of a book. Writing a full-length book can take anywhere from six months to a year, depending on how much time you devote to it.

Before you even write a word though, you should consider how you want the reader to feel and how you want them to act. Begin with the end in mind, said Welch, a 25-year MDRT member from Madison, Wisconsin.

Getting started
Once you’ve selected a topic for your book, start with an outline, Welch said. Next, record your thoughts. You could do this yourself or hire an editor. “I had an editor who spent eight hours on the phone with me and put that together into transcripts for me,” he said. If the book will be used to give to clients and prospects, consider self-publishing.

When the book is done, it’s time to market it. Welch distributes his book, “Imagine Financial Security for Life” to clients, client referrals, centers of influence, and family and friends.

How can a book help?
Writing a book can give you authority in the marketplace. It can also give you celebrity status with local radio stations, newspapers and magazines who may come to you when they need to talk to an expert.

Publishing a book also gives you an advantage over the competition by allowing you to clearly explain your value proposition. “It gives you a chance to articulate your process and philosophy,” Welch said. “You could explain in the book how working with you is unique.”


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