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If you could hit the reset button

Liz DeCarlo

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From listening more to working less, Top of the Table members share what they wish they'd done differently earlier in their careers.
From listening more to working less, Top of the Table members share what they wish they’d done differently earlier in their career.

I wish I’d taken the opportunity to listen to people who shared their knowledge. I brushed it aside more than I wish I had.
- Allison Murdock
San Diego, California, 4-year member

I wish I’d been more open with my team earlier in my career. I’d write my goals down, but I didn’t always share them. Now we share our goals and work on them together.
- Daniel O’Connell, MBA
Dallas, Texas, 9-year member

The first decade, I tried to do everything myself. Now I’m part of a team. You can’t be an expert on everything — partnering up better serves clients and your business growth
W.J. Rossi, CFP, ChFC
Gainesville, Florida, 13-year member

I’d have spent more time with my kids, rather than building my business. I was very driven, and there’s a price to pay for that.
James J. Silbernagel, LUTCF, CFP
Kewaskum, Wisconsin, 22-year member

I would have asked for and accepted help more. Early on, I wanted to prove I could do it without any help. Now I’ve learned that many hands make light work.
Sarah J. Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC
Wayzata, Minnesota, 17-year member

I would have gotten as many designations as possible very early, because it’s harder once your business gets too big.
Marcus T. Henderson Sr., LUTCF
Brentwood, Tennessee, 24-year member

I would have worked to have more clarity over what I do and who I do it for — focusing more on service and less on sales.
Ian Green, Dip PFS
London, England, 19-year member


The majority of MDRT members believe in helping others get to the next level. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Learn from the mistakes others have already made so you can short-circuit making them yourself. This will help you grow in a much more rapid way.
Gregory B. Gagne, ChFC
Exeter, New Hampshire, 18-year member

I would strongly recommend that new members get involved and volunteer to be part of the organization as quickly as possible. I was encouraged to volunteer at my first meeting in Denver, and I was so pleased I did. I was introduced to lots of fantastic people who over the years have become great friends. There is so much satisfaction to be gained by being part of such a dynamic organization, and volunteering puts us on a path of growth and discovery. There is huge opportunity to develop skills and become more confident, all of which makes us better at what we do for our clients, and for those around us.
Katy Baxter
Tring, England, 11-year member

I was somewhat in awe of more established members. I don’t know why it took me so long to actually believe that if you asked a member for help, they would be only too glad to reach out and help. They weren’t doing it because they felt obliged to, but because they really genuinely wanted to help. So new members, do approach older members, and don’t hold back from asking for help, advice or tips.
Elaine Bonello, ACII, APFS
Ta’Xbiex, Malta, 21-year member

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