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3 ideas to handle objections


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Strategies to overcome objections and market yourself.

About a month before clients retire, send to their office an enormous gift basket chock-full of delicious treats, such as cookies or fruit. It’s more than clients can eat, so they’ll share with colleagues. The gift basket now becomes a conversation starter about who sent it (that’s you, their financial planner!), wealth management and retirement planning. Depending on the number of clients retiring in a given year, this idea can generate 10 to 20 referrals a year.

— Brad J. Myers
South Jordan, Utah, 15-year member


Write down a list of 1–10 or 1–20 on a piece of paper, and ask clients to write any objections they have next to each number. Normally they won’t get past 6! Then cross out the numbers they haven’t completed, and answer each objection one by one, crossing out each one as you do. Once you have answered all objections, the paper is then telling the clients they no longer have any objections. When they realize this, they should then proceed.

— Simon D. Lister, Dip PFS
Wymondham, England, 10-year member


For a 100-mile round trip in your car, would you fill your gas tank completely? Fill it halfway? Or pump $20 and cross your fingers? In my car, I could do the round trip almost twice on a half-tank. With a full tank, I might be able to complete the trip four times. However, with $20 of gas, one false move — construction, traffic, the GPS sending me in the wrong direction — and I’ve got a big problem. So which one would you choose? Audiences choose either a half-tank or a full tank every time.

Make the connection to life insurance:
A full tank — whole life
Half a tank — universal life
$20 — term insurance

So, if you would either fill the tank or put in half, would it make sense to fund your life insurance using any other system?

— David L. Alarid
Newport Beach, California, 29-year member


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