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Q&A: Hitesh Soni

Liz DeCarlo

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Hitesh Soni is a huge fan of WhatsApp
How do you use this app?
I’m part of a WhatsApp group made up of other top advisors. We met through MDRT and LIC corporate club and formed a group. We share information, for instance if someone has a new way to sell or wants to share industry information. Once a year, we visit each other’s offices to understand the systems and processes. We also created a WhatsApp group with our staff. We start the day with a to-do list and then delegate to people. Then they put the job status on there, so I know when it’s done.

Do you use digital media with your clients?
Yes, it’s important to promote yourself online. Every month, I use my website to send a blog post to my clients about insurance and other investment and industry updates. Providing this to all my clients gives them confidence in me.

How do you counteract clients who look online for insurance?
If a client says, “It is cheaper online, and you’re at higher premium,” I tell them, “You’re taking this policy for your family, and they might not be as tech savvy as you are. If something happens to you, they don’t want to call a call center and go through a process of ‘Press 1 for claim and press 2 for online detail.’”

What other tools do you use to stay connected with clients?
It’s important to document everything with a client, because if a client’s not there, you want to know everything the family needs. I give clients a file in a black binder with my name and contact information. It includes every single detail of policies and maturity dates. I also put all the data in our client relationship management (CRM) system and give the client a login, so they always have access to all their details. I also use the information to reach clients. The CRM might tell me a client’s son is turning 18, so I can call and say, “It’s time for your son to get his driver’s license and Pancard (income tax filing number) so we can start saving at his early age.”

Hitesh Soni is a seven-year MDRT member from Bangalore, India. Contact him at

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