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Elizabeth Diffin

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The latest in technology for busy advisors.

List-makers, unite!
Whether you’re a dedicated list-maker or prefer to do things on the fly, keeping up with the to-dos can be a challenge. Enter Remember the Milk, an app that takes those lists from your crowded (and forgetful) mind and into your smartphone. The app will remind you of tasks by email, text and even Twitter notifications.

Plus, you can input tasks’ due dates, priority and repetition, color-code them using tags, create subtasks and share your to-dos with others. It also syncs across all your devices, so you’ll never have an excuse for why there’s no milk in your fridge. Free,

Break free
Isn’t it about time you got smart about your smartphone usage? Break the social media addiction with AntiSocial, an app that digs into your smartphone data to evaluate how often you unlock your phone each day, which apps are your favorites and how many minutes you spend on social media. Based on this information, it devises a score that compares your smartphone usage with your peers’ (using location, gender and age) and empowers you to block the apps that suck up the majority of your time. Free,

Smart travel finds
A quality travel pillow is a necessity when navigating uncomfortable airplane seats, and the Cabeau Evolution Cool pillow fits the bill. The pillow features air circulation vents to keep you cool on stuffy planes, plus memory foam that contours to your head. Other features include a washable cover, a magnetic clasp that keeps the pillow in place, a compact travel case and attached memory foam earplugs that block out noise. $60,

Occles Light-Blocking Eyeshades may look a little odd, but they’re a must-have for frequent flyers. This fresh take on a sleep mask completely blocks out light and protects against harmful UV rays in the sensitive eye region. The bridgeless design means you can wear them while sunbathing and not have to worry about pesky tan lines across your nose. Occles come in carbon, white and aqua. $30,

Smarter sleep
Whether you like to fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves, a top-40 hit, or an audiobook, 1Voice’s Memory Foam Pillow with Built-in Speakers will help you get to dreamland just a little bit faster. The hypoallergenic memory foam contours to your head, while the two ultra-thin speakers deliver your sound of choice — without forcing you to untangle your earbuds. The plug is compatible with most electronic devices, and the removable pillowcase is machine-washable. $64,

Dry as a bone
Forget choosing one or the other: Now you can swim your laps and listen to tunes at the same time. The Vansky Floating Waterproof Case is compatible with phones that have a screen size of up to 5.7 inches, offering waterproof protection up to nearly 100 feet. It also has an external audio jack and armband to allow for maximum musical enjoyment, as well as an adjustable lanyard that lends itself to taking underwater photos the next time you’re swimming through a colorful reef. $40,

Fiddle with this
Fidgeting might be a sign of genius, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get a bad rap. The Fidget Cube keeps fingers moving so minds can focus on the task at hand. Each of the tiny item’s six sides has its own stress-relieving function, from clicking to flipping to spinning. And the 10 color options ensure that your Fidget Cube perfectly fits your unique fiddling personality, no matter your age or occupation. $30,

Portable problem-solver
Working from home has never looked as appealing — or comfortable — as it does with the e-joy Mobile & Compact Computer Cart, a mobile computer desk that lets you sit, stand or even recline in bed while you crunch those numbers. The work surface is designed to fit a keyboard and mouse, and it can also hold additional computer accessories such as a printer. A 30-inch monitor can easily be attached for ultimate productivity. $119,

Outsmart pickpockets
Each day, an estimated 400,000 pickpocketing incidents happen around the world. Protect your belongings from would-be thieves with the help of Bobby, a backpack that’s designed to thwart pickpockets. The bag has hidden zipper closures, secret pockets for your treasures and a cut-proof material that resists even the sharpest blade. The shock-resistant, water-repellent backpack also contains a USB charging port. $95,

Or theft-proof your actual clothing with P^cubed Travel Clothing. These pants, shirts and jackets, which are designed for men and women, make use of multi-secured pockets, hidden pockets and hidden closures to prevent pickpocketing incidents. The items are also stain and wrinkle-resistant, not to mention lightweight and breathable — in other words, pretty much perfect. $85 and up,


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