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Disability insurance helps injured athlete

Ronnie Kaymore

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Ronnie Kaymore helps a young athlete who is sidelined by an injury.
Disability insurance helps injured athlete

The advisor: Ronnie Lee Kaymore, a four-year MDRT member from Newark, New Jersey

The business: Working with athletes and, often, protecting the income of some of the best college players.

The challenge: “They seem to have a bright future,” Kaymore said, “but they have to stay healthy before they get drafted.”

For example: Award-winning Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith was expected to be a top-10 NFL draft pick in 2016 until he suffered a serious injury in his final collegiate game. It was enough to knock him all the way down to the 34th pick, toward the beginning of the second round. That’s significant because of a sliding scale that establishes a player’s salary based on draft position. For Smith, that meant, according to some, a drop of more than $15 million — which is a loss of more than 80 percent of what he might have earned without the injury.

How Kaymore helped: The advisor, a former player himself at Washington State University and in the Arena Football League, had set up Smith’s policy so that if he was injured and not drafted in the first round, he could collect more than $800,000. “It doesn’t replace all that he’s lost, but it’s certainly a great story of a young man taking the time to insure and protect his NFL future,” Kaymore said.

It’s not uncommon: “This is my fourth claim of this magnitude,” Kaymore said, noting that in his playing days, he didn’t have insurance for himself and hadn’t even heard about it. “I always talk about clients who I’ve worked with in the past who have actually collected from these policies. I use these stories to educate and encourage families to protect their most important asset, which is their ability to earn income.

“There are so many college kids who look like they are shoo-ins to go to the next level but then they get hurt. This is a success story because the kid had insurance, but many don’t have it in place.”

Ronnie Lee Kaymore


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